Windows Shortcuts Keyboard Keys | List of Keys 2019

windows shortcuts keyboard keys

Here are best and most use-able windows shortcuts keys which everybody wants to use and save their time by using this windows shortcuts keyboard keys. People explore themselves a lot of keys and all listed below keys are the addition of all!

Tech Linkz have designed all shortcuts keys, Hope you like all shortcuts keys.

Windows Shortcuts Keys

  1. F1:                                                                           It opens a help menu especially for your active window
  2. Windows Key + M:                                             It helps you to minimize all the windows on which are active.
  3. Shift + Windows Key + M:                              It helps you to restore windows, and minimize the entire previous active windows.
  4. Windows + F1:                                                      It directly opens the windows help and support center.
  5. Windows + Tab:                                                   It rapidly opens the Task view which you want to open for looking a task.
  6. Windows Key + R:                                               It helps to Run menu which rapidly open
  7. Windows Key + E:                                                It likely to open Internet Explorer.
  8. Alt + Tab:                                                               It switches in between open programs.
  9. Windows Key + Up Arrow:                              It currently Maximize all current Windows.
  10. Ctrl + Shift + Esc:                                                 It helps you to Open a Task Manager.
  11. Windows Key + Break:                                      It helps you to Open all system properties of active application.
  12. Windows Key + F:                                                It helps you to open a source to search files and folders.
  13. Windows Key + D:                                                It helps you to Hide or Display the desktop.
  14. Alt + Esc:                                                                It helps you to Switch between programs in order they opened.
  15. Alt + Letter:                                                             It helps you to Select menu item by letter which is underlined.
  16. Ctrl + Esc:                                                              It helps you to Open start menu.
  17. Ctrl + F4:                                                                It helps you to close active documents either work or not with application.
  18. Alt + F4:                                                                  This key helps you to Quit active or close window (current).
  19. Alt + Spacebar:                                                       Generate an Open menu for active programs.
  20. Ctrl + Left or Right Arrow:                               Helps to Move cursor back or forward one word.
  21. Ctrl + Up or Down Arrow:                                Helps to Move cursor back or forward one paragraph.
  22. Windows + Break:                                                Helps to open the system dialog box properties.
  23. Hold Right SHIFT key for eight seconds:         It keeps you to Switch Filter keys on and off.
  24. Left Alt + Left Shift + Print Screen:                     It keeps you to Switch high and low contrast on and off.
  25. Left Alt + Left Shift + Num Lock:                          Helps to Switch mouse keys on and off.
  26. Press Shift five times:                                                 Keeps Switch sticky keys both on and off.
  27. Hold Num Lock for five seconds:                          Keeps Switch Toggle Keys both on and off.







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