Why Should Facebook Messenger Be Spied

Facebook is the most widely used social network around the globe, with more than 2.7 billion users globally. The app and its messenger is the major source of social networking and communication among individuals of all ages. The individuals connect to their friends and family using the platform.

More specifically, a large proportion of users come from the young and teenage groups. Kids, teens, and young ones account for the major user base of the app.

With a significant increase in the offenses of cyberbullying and harassment on kids through social media and the internet, the parents’ concerns over their child’s safety and moral training get augmented.

The reason for the attempted offenses of harassment and cyberbullying is due to a large number of unverified users over Facebook. There are loads of user accounts that have a different identity as to what they are depicting.

These users get in touch with the kids and teens and built a connection with them, and look to exploit that relation at the time of their choice. These users aim to gain illegitimate benefits; they ask the kids for the financial credentials of their parents, which can be deadly for the family.

The irony of the situation is that kids don’t share the ongoing situation with the parents; this is because of fear of loss of repute and credibility in the eyes of family members. The parents should counsel and encourage the children to share their problems with them in order to stay aware of the potential threats that can be disastrous for the child.

But apart from all these protection protocols, if this not gets executed, the best way to keep a close watch on the kids is to incorporate a Facebook and messenger spy app.

The best service to spy on Facebook messenger is TheOneSpy. The app started providing services in 2011 and efficiently serving its customers since its inception. The app does all the spying without any hint to the target user. The child will not get any hint of the activity taking place.

The service is compatible to be used with all the current versions of iOS and Android OS.

Let’s have a look at the offerings of the app.

TheOneSpy – Best Messenger Spy App

Spying the Chats of Messenger

The chats of the Facebook messenger, either individual or group, remain in full control of the parent. The parent can read all the chats at any point in time. This makes parents know the real-time whereabouts of the child’s communication over the messenger.

The chats’ spying feature helps in protecting the kid from the like of harassment and other criminal offenses, as the parent gets to know of all the communication by using TheOneSpy, and upon finding any mischievous conversation, the parent can take necessary actions to avoid any harm.

 Monitoring Images and Videos

The messenger spy app enables the end-user to track all the multimedia exchanged through chats and stories; the exchanged multimedia, if not appropriate to be viewed by the child, can be removed from the phone by the parent.

The specific contact that shares inappropriate multimedia can be restricted and blocked to access the child.

Messenger Screen Recording

The screen recording feature of the app allows the parent to record the live screen activities at any point of time. The feature is out of the box in all aspects and the only of its kind in the spying business.

Video and VoIP Calls Monitoring

The Facebook messenger furnishes the users with the facility of VoIP and video calls over the app. TheOneSpy empowers the parents to listen and monitor all the VoIP and video calls in real-time. These calls can also be recorded and saved to the dashboard for later monitoring.

 Tracking Voice Notes of Messenger

The messenger spy app can stalk all the voice notes exchanged through the messenger. This earns the parent full hand into all the whereabouts of the child and adds to the protection of the child as well.


Going through all this, it is observed that parents look to record all the activities of their children over the Facebook messenger, and this can only be done using a messenger spy app. The best spy app for addressing the purpose is TheOneSpy, which serves all the purposes of the parents.

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