Why Must a Company Upgrade to Onboarding Automation

Company Upgrade to Onboarding Automation

Automation is the new norm in society. Most organizations and companies that you see are upgrading to automated systems and processes to minimize time, multiply effectiveness, and control errors in their procedures and systems.

Automation has now become the most innovative solution to keep track of employee hiring, recruitment, onboarding, orientation, payroll, and other important parts of Human resources.

The most popular of these automated systems are Onboarding Automation which is not just limited to acquiring and orienting employees but also assists Human Resource managers to control the redundant paper and manual work that is involved in onboarding a particular employee.

There is a ton of paperwork for just one single employee being onboarded to the company’s platform. Imagine having to do so for hundreds of employees every single month at various locations that have different job roles, working with different divisions.

That is a nightmare for any Human Resource Manager in respect to the manual work and the sheer amount of information that is to be exchanged between divisions and managers and concerned individuals.

Onboarding Automation helps you in cutting down all of these processes by triggering a sequence of steps that takes care of all the processes and applications that need to take place as soon as a company onboards a single staff or an employee.

Advantages of Onboarding Automation for an Employee

As an employee, when you are onboarding into a new company and the system that is being used there, it can get quite overwhelming and confusing. There are so many different things to do on your first day on the job, you are given a workstation and handed a log-in but everything is new and strange.

How easy would it be if your first few days were seamlessly managed by an AI system that does all the orientation for you on behalf of your HR manager without you having to waste time asking and waiting for information? That is exactly what the Onboarding Automation system does for you.

Not only is this a simple and amazing tool for the company, as an employee you are benefitted as there is no loss of time and things are set for you to start working from the first day.

Your email address is created and added to the directory, your phone lines are indexed and you have all the information about your work station and all your superiors, your tasks are aligned for you on your first day with reference to your joining application, your files, and details that need to be handed over.

Advantages of Onboarding Automation for a Human Resource Manager

As a human resource manager, you are benefitted the most from an automated HR system. If you are someone who manages multiple offices that have multiple departments that hire many employees, interns, and other staff on and off over a month, the whole hiring and onboarding, and orienting process can take forever for you.

Onboarding automation is of great use to you. It cuts down on all those repetitive tasks such as asking your employees to fill out their details, particulars, getting them their emails, phones, indexing their information to the companies software, creating directories with their superiors, and familiarising them with the office communication systems. All this can be done with a few simple steps.

By just clicking on a few keys and adding the basic information and voila! Your work is done with a sequence initiated by the AI that works in tandem with the system software and the onboarding application to create all the information for you. This system is efficient, error-free, it can handle redundant paperwork, and cuts down on your precious time.

Advantages of Onboarding Automation as a Company

If you are someone who is thinking about investing in an onboarding automation process as a company, then there are some amazing facts for you to consider.

An onboarding automation application can cut down close to 90 hours of HR manpower over the paper and manual work, it reduces the time spent emailing and sharing information around the office waiting for an employee to onboard, and since this is governed by a computer AI, all of this goes incredibly fast and with minimal errors.

What more do you need to rely on as an owner if not for efficiency and productivity? That is exactly what Onboarding Automation offers you! This system will work remotely for employees anywhere therefore one application is all you need for all your offices across a state or area and get your employees going from the first day on their job!

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