What Does Your Logo Need To Have That Amazingness

What Does Your Logo Need To Have That Amazingness!

Logos that were said to the just a mere piece of the graphical image have now become one of the most important elements of branding, representation, and marketing. Are you having a question about how did it happen? Well, the answer to this is very simple. People started to realize that logos are not just a mere piece of the image but they carry so much with them. They carry the identity of the brand, they bring the differentiation to the brands and many of the other benefits but do you think all of this comes in every logo? Well, not actually the logos that are amazing can bring these benefits to the business. But what do we mean by amazing is the real question here? Being funky means amazing? Or just being creative means amazing? If you these questions in your mind here are some answers to what do we mean by being amazing.


Complexity is the killer of understanding and this is what a designer should make sure when he is contemplating on making an amazing logo. The simpler a logo is the more understanding it could create in the minds of the customers and that is why this is the first element of amazingness in a logo. Being simple however does not means that it should have the considerations on no innovation or creativity but it means that the elements of the logo should be something that should make a better understanding about the brand or the message that is targeted to be delivered.


Not being relevant can result in misconception and it is not only about the logo but everything that you use in branding purposes. Being cool is not the only thing that a logo should consider upon but it should be targeted and purposeful. The color should speak for the brand and the other elements should also speak for the same. Relevance could bring the appeal of brand or product in the customers and this is the reason that people must be considering it as an important aspect to integrate amazingness in a logo.


“The harmony of function and form is what we call a beauty” This is what Alvar Aalto said. This exactly depicts that to bring in the beauty in a logo you must concentrate on function and form of the logo. However, when things are the same entirely they might bring in relevance but they might make the attraction to be lost and this is what a logo designer might not want at all. Being versatile means to adapt different things and making different things to be integrated together which could the result in making the interest of the customers or the target market to be increased. I was once working with Logo Venture to get a logo and that was the day when I realized how relevance and versatility could be brought together. They gave me a logo that had different elements in it however all were connected to each other and the brand in one way or the other.

Creativity and Innovation

“Insist on yourself; never imitate” While quoting this the man Ralph Waldo himself talked about not reproducing what has already been produced or designed and this since then has become the most important and basic rule in the field of logo designing. One of the most essential purposes that are attached with the logo designing is to contemplate on the building of brand identity and if you make a logo that looks like many of the other brands then probably there might be a problem in creating a brand identity or differentiation. This is the reason that when you are designing a logo you must consider innovation and creativity and the first element to think about. Being unique is not a point to consider but more importantly, it is a requirement in recent times.


Don’t you have the urge to make everyone to remember your brand? Possibly this is one of the targets that you have attached with your marketing strategies. This is what your logo should also reflect. Keeping elements to make your brand remembered is one of the things that you should be concerned about when working on the logo designing. A half bitten apple reminds you of what? Apple Inc. for sure. This is the perfect example of how you can make a memorable logo and how you can make the brand to be attached to the same.

These are the important elements or things that can bring your logo to have a spark. The spark that can make you able to consider the best of the benefits to be driven from it.

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