What Do British Essay Writers Have To Say About the Black Hole?

What Do British Essay Writers Have To Say About the Black Hole

Thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder!

Yes I am definitely recalling Thunder by Imagine Dragons! Because I feel thunder coming at me with the Black Hole photo!

We all have seen science fiction movies about aliens and other dimensions or gateways to another world.  Blimey! There could be another universe!!

To think, all of our imaginations about Black Holes sucking everything around them might be coming true! Who knows?!

Fear not buddies! We aren’t getting sucked in by any black hole.

Readers, a little heads up: I am going to blabber about Black Holes, how the image of the Black Hole was processed, and what opinions do I have about them in general.

Let Me Tell You A Little Story About Black Holes

Gear up, my fellow countrymen, for I will unleash upon you some information about the Black Holes. Do not worry, I am not going to bore you with some heavy jargon, I just want you all to know what exactly Black Holes are and why you all should definitely care about them!

If you think you had already seen Black Holes, let me break the bubble for you; those were only illustrations! The image being shown in news worldwide, that’s the first ever actual image of a Black Hole!! Does this not excite you?

We all know Albert Einstein, did you know that he published about a theory called General Relativity in 1915? Yup, that’s where the theories and ideas for Black Holes came from, and started taking birth.

55 million light years away, at the center of a galaxy called Messier 87….lies the Black Hole we just saw in the photo!

To top it all off, that Black Hole is 6.5 BILLION TIMES higher in mass than our Sun! Woah! To think, we could all get engulfed by that Black Hole, however, considering the distance, there is no chance in reality we are getting sucked down by the Black Hole.

What is a Black Hole? To make it easier for you, I will quote NASA’s definition;

“A Black Hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light cannot get out.”

Black Holes are thought to be formed either a star collapses or turns into a supernova, or they are believed to have been formed when the Universe materialised into existence. Scientists always knew that something like Black Holes DID exist, because there was a power affecting the stars and objects near the Black Hole. The gravity of the Black Hole is so powerful, that it eventually influences the movements of the objects around it.

Scientists had been observing this from a long long time, but did not have sufficient proof up till now.

The image that we are seeing in news worldwide was actually captured in 2017 by the Event Horizon Telescope. Event Horizon Telescope is made up of eight telescopes, spread out in different parts of the World, retrieving ginormous amounts of signal data every single day. Around 200 researchers were involved, in processing this image into what we can now consider as a ‘view-able’ format.

The algorithm which led to the processing of the image, from signal data to an actual picture was devised by Dr. Katie Bouman (thank you!).

Black Hole? Here’s What I Think!

Different people, different opinions. Speaking for myself, I am both enthused with the Black Hole image and also using it as a reference for gags. Sure does not risk getting me crucified right?

Either way, being one of the British Essay Writers has definitely influenced my opinions even as a Science Nerd and even as just another Briton trying to be funny. (Blimey! We can all try, can’t we?)

Check out what I have a few thoughts about the Black Hole:

Another breakthrough in Astronomy and Astrophysics

As is with the majority, this event has largely been termed as the next big breakthrough in science and in astronomy.

Astronomy, cosmology, physics, astrophysics and science in general will continue to grow, and the image of the Black Hole stands as evidence over the hard work that was being invested into science. Whatever investments were made and are being made for the noble pursuit of science and astronomy can now be proudly called as reaping the benefits.

Students, even those who did not take much interest in the sciences are now gradually feeling enthused and eager to learn more about Astronomy and Astrophysics and see it as a viable option for themselves.

If you know about the late British Cosmologist Stephen Hawking, you must be aware of the Hawking radiation which states that Black Holes also emit radiation.

The two Russian Astronomers, who found the newborn black hole in the Ophiuchus constellation, dedicated their finding to the late cosmologist only.


Some of the essay writers at the Best Essay Writing Service UK even published few blogs and articles, stating how this image proves to us that hard work never dies, and that the field of Astronomy and Astrophysics will continue to progress further.

Donuts, Eye of the Sauron and What Not…!

Lord of The Rings anybody? No? Alright, donuts? Yes! Some British Essay Writers even started comparing the image of the black hole to be similar to a donut, or the Eye of The Sauron from Lord of the Rings.

The Eye of The Sauron was the symbol, embraced by that One Ring’s Creator, Sauron. Sauron was the fallen Maia if that rings any bells. The Eye of The Sauron was largely known as a symbol of power and fear. As such, some started making allusions that the Eye of the Sauron was staring right back at us! (Oooohhh)

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