What Are the Different Types of Laptops That Exist Today?

Laptops have changed immensely since their creation in 1979 by William Moggridge. Back then it was used by NASA and had 340K byte bubble memory.

Today, you have so many options that at times it can feel overwhelming. Which laptop is right for you and your needs? Read this guide on the different types of laptops in order to help you pick out the right option for you today!


As you look up more info about each laptop, you might find that the Notebook laptop is a great option.

This is a laptop with a screen size of 15.6″. It weighs about 5 lbs and has smaller dimensions than a traditional laptop.

Desktop Replacement Laptops

While you can power a laptop with an AC adapter, they do have an internal battery. These laptops are meant to replace your desktop computer.

Their screen size is larger at about 17.3″. Their weight is heavier than a Notebook.

Since these laptops aren’t meant to be carried around, they’re quite heavy. They’re similar to desktops in the way that they offer plenty of high-end hardware configurations.


The difference between a Chromebook and a macOS or Windows laptop is the design. Chromebooks are supposed to be lightweight and fast.

Not only are they lightweight, but they offer smaller screen sizes. The great news is that it’s an affordable laptop. This is thanks to the hardware inside of a Chromebook being more affordable.

General Purpose

As you’re looking at laptop performance, a General Purpose laptop might not fit the bill. It’s more for general computing and doesn’t have high-end storage, memory, GPU, or CPUs. For gaming, this wouldn’t be the right choice for you.


These are great for multitasking and are small and thin. They’re extremely popular since they’re easy to carry around and use.

Don’t be fooled thinking that you can’t have a large monitor, because you can. Keep in mind that they’re a more expensive option.


Netbooks are inexpensive and smaller with tiny keyboards. Many are instead choosing Tablets instead of Netbooks.

Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops have major hardware improvements for your gaming pleasure. Most of them will have a high-end graphical user interface (GPU).

You can enjoy higher CPU configurations and more RAM. Be mindful of the GPU available since that’s important for gaming. You’ll need to get a GPU that has a dedicated VRAM.


Ultrabooks are thinner and lighter than other laptops. They’re made by Intel.

They have ROM and RAM, a battery, a touchscreen, and a keyboard. They also have storage as well. The battery life is more powerful than most laptops.


MacBooks are made by macOS and can be run by Apple’s laptops. It doesn’t support Windows.

Keep in mind that they’re more expensive than many laptops. The great part is that they’re very secure compared to other devices.

MacBook Air

This upgraded version of the MacBook has more features than its predecessor. They’re incredibly expensive but secure compared to other options. It’s run by macOS on Apple computers.

Convertible 2-in-1

It’s a detachable tablet or touch-optimized convertible laptop. You can enjoy both a physical keyboard and a touch screen.

If you want to only use the touch screen, that’s an option as well. You can flip back and forth between the modes whenever you’d like.

In meetings, you can share the display by placing the keyboard portion face down on the desk and having the screen showing in the front. You can also prop it up on its leading edges.

In convertible machines, the motherboard and battery are normally located in the base. This is the same for a traditional laptop as well.

It also has a better typing platform than traditional keyboard cases. The downside is that it weighs more due to the batteries. They’re extra thick as well. You’re always carrying the extra weight and bulk of the keyboard.


Laptop users who want a lightweight and thin computer choose an Ultraportable option. Keep in mind that you might not have as many connection ports or have a CD/DVD drive.

They normally have a 12-inch screen and use lithium-ion batteries. The 1 downside is that the battery life is short.

The Different Types of Brand New Laptops

If you have money to spend and want the best laptop experience, then choose a high-end option. Many of them can be easily transported as well. You can enjoy plenty of RAM and a powerful processor as well.

For serious gamers, a high-end model is a good option. Choose one with a high-resolution screen and a graphics card as well.

For a middle-of-the-road option, choose the mid-range. Many of them are easy to carry around and are lightweight.

Mid-range laptops are for regular users such as students, families, and business owners. They can run many games and software.

As far as games and video editing, they might struggle a bit. These tend to need fast graphics processing.

For an affordable laptop, you can choose an entry-level option. You’ll be able to do lighter and basic tasks.

They’re low-powered since they’re more affordable. You can use Word, email, and browse the web. You can also do multimedia tasks as well.

How To Choose a Brand New Laptop

You’ll want to consider a laptop with at least 9 hours of battery life. Consider a 2-in-1 if you’d like the experience of both a computer and tablet.

For children and students, Chromebooks are a great choice. For the best balance, go with a 12-14 inch laptop screen. If you don’t travel much with your laptop, then you can go with a bigger option.

Chrome OS vs Apple Mac vs Windows

If you’re using a MacBook, then you’ll be using the operating system of Apple. You can enjoy a similar functionality to Windows.

Mac OS isn’t a touchscreen though. The newest installment offers you plenty of applications from the iPad.

Another option is the Chrome OS. This is found on less expensive Chromebooks. While it’s secure, its features are limited.

Windows is a more flexible option. You can also find a price point that works for you with a Windows laptop.

From dual graphics bits to touchscreens, you have options. As Windows keeps evolving, it gains more features.

Some of these include tablet and desktop modes, Cortana digital subordinate, and more. It’s great for businesses, students, and researchers. Windows is an excellent choice for gamers as well.

Why Choose a Laptop?

First, if you choose a lightweight option, you can bring them to multiple locations and work from anywhere. They also tend to cost less than desktops.

You don’t need to worry about buying a keyboard or mouse. No having to worry about using cables when you use your laptop either. This is due to it having an integrated battery.

The Different Types of Laptops for Your Needs

If you’re looking for a computer for everyday use, look for a 15.6″ option. You might find either the AMD Dual-Core or Intel processor.

You’ll have up to 1TB hard drive and a built-in DVD burner. The video memory might be dedicated or shared with this option.

If you’re more interested in a lightweight option it’ll be about 13.3-14 inches for the screen. They tend to be less than 4 lbs as well.

You can enjoy up to 6 GB of DDR3 system memory. You can have 250GB or larger for the hard drive.

Some could have a 128GB drive. Enjoy a built-in optical drive.

For a desktop replacement, they tend to be about 17.3 inches for the screen. You’ll find 4GB to 8GB DDR3 system memory and dedicated graphics.

Many have a Blue-ray disc burner as well. Enjoy 7200 RPM and up to 1TB hard drive. This is a great option since it has a strong system memory and a large screen.

For business purposes, you don’t need to worry about a computer that can handle HD movies or gaming. You do need a processor that can handle different apps at the same time though. Consider wireless WAN in order to stay connected to hot spots.

Exploring the Different Types of Laptops

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of the different types of laptops out there. Take your time deciding which option is best for you and your needs. Think about your professional and personal goals as you decide on the best choice.

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