Transformation of Showbiz in the Age of Internet

age of internet

Be it business, education, communication, or entertainment. There is no doubt that the internet has changed every aspect of our lives. People spend most of their time on the internet. Whether they are doing their job at the office, teaching students, getting entertained at home, creating art, or making films, they rely on the internet to complete their tasks.

With the rapid advancements in technology, it is difficult to remember the era when films and shows were not dependent on the internet. The face of the showbiz industry has been completely revamped with the arrival of the internet. Today, films are made keeping their audiences in mind. Most people in this industry have their own websites and social media accounts. Films and shows are designed to cater to people who love online streaming. Many video-streaming platforms (e.g., Netflix, or Amazon, etc.) and cable networks like Spectrum TV Packages, have huge libraries that allow people to watch movies and TV shows conveniently.

Let’s take a look at the way the internet continues to transform this industry.

1. Production of Films and Shows

Apart from some highly experienced filmmakers and directors who produce blockbuster hits, the internet has enabled almost every Tom, Dick, and Harry to produce and direct a film. The internet is swamped with tutorials on digital video editing and production. This allows people to have access to the kind of information that was once provided by a specific type of school in a certain amount of time.

Tools for producing, editing, and streaming videos online across several platforms have become so common that anyone can do it. Live streaming has become one of the most desired content types for people across the globe.

However, all these things do not imply that content that is digitally produced is better than the traditionally made films and shows. Without possessing the in-depth knowledge of filmmaking, production, editing, and direction, etc. it will be pure luck if one can come up with a stellar blockbuster. It simply means that the internet has certainly made things easier for people in various parts of the showbiz industry.

 2. Promotion Campaigns

Before the internet became wildly popular, people in the showbiz industry used to run promotion campaigns via television commercials, newspaper articles, posters, and magazine ads, etc. Initially, only the plot-related posts, an occasional audio clip, biographies of stars, some production details, poster images, etc. used to be released before a film would be shown in the theater. Whereas now, short trailers and movie clips are released on the internet, digital posters, films, and shows related merchandise is sold in the markets, movie-themed websites are created, and people are enticed to watch these movies through various social media platforms.

3. Piracy and Its Effects

Film piracy isn’t a new concept. People used to commit piracy of films by creating sloppy VHS recordings just a few decades ago. Now, people have become increasingly clever. Film pirates use high-end software to create high-quality pirated copies of films and shows and upload them across the various platforms for people to watch. Hackers often get a hold of master-copies of films and shows by hacking into the databases of major film-making companies such as Sony Pictures.

When people can easily get their hands on high-quality pirated versions of films and shows, they are discouraged to show up in theaters. Why spend money on buying expensive DVDs when they can get the same thing for free without having to spend a dime. This has become a real problem for the showbiz industry because when a film or show doesn’t do well monetarily, everyone involved in the production process doesn’t get their fair share. This also leads to fewer jobs and problems with revenues eventually hurt the entire industry and community.

4. The Rise in Video Streaming

Video streaming is one of the most important aspects where the internet has made a huge impact. Films and shows are now made to cater to people who don’t have the time to show up at cinema theaters but love to watch them online.

Various platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, etc. have emerged that have promoted this trend further. Even cable service providers now have on-demand libraries that their subscribers can use to watch their favorite films and shows. All you need is a high-speed internet connection, like the one offered by Spectrum Internet Plans, and you are set. The most appealing aspect of such video streaming services for people is their convenience. They get to watch what they like on the move whenever they want. This can absolutely be counted as the most positive effect of the internet on this industry.

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