Top 5 Health Benefits Of DASH Diet

Benefits Of DASH Diet

The DASH diet is popularly used for effectively controlling hypertension (high blood pressure). Estimates suggest that based on unhealthy dietary patterns, the average American consumes about 3600 mg of sodium. Processed, packaged, preserved, and junk food is the main sources of increased sodium intake.

This excessive intake of sodium increases the risk of hypertension and other cardiovascular issues among Americans. Dash diet provides a healthier eating pattern that allows sodium intake at a much-reduced level and promotes the intake of nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

Two Types of DASH Diet

DASH diet can further be classified into two main types based on the permissible amount of sodium intake. The two versions of the DASH diet are as following

  • Standard DASH diet:Individuals can take up to 2300 mg of sodium per day.
  • Low sodium DASH diet: This version allows a reduced intake of sodium, and individuals can take as little as 1500 mg of salt.

How Can One Make A DASH Diet More Effective?

The DASH diet sets a person on a healthier eating pattern. The DASH diet promotes the intake of healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, legumes, and nuts. However, some unhealthy lifestyle habits can make it the least effective. It is thus essential to give up unhealthy lifestyle habits to get desired outcomes.

1.    Not Smoking

Smoking certainly increases a person’s risk of hypertension. The harmful chemicals found in cigarettes are majorly responsible for narrowing blood vessels, thickening the blood, and ultimately increasing the risk of stroke and heart failure.

If you are a habitual smoker, then a DASH diet would not work well for you. It is better to talk to your health provider about the ways to get rid of smoking. Switching to less harmful means may also bring some benefit.

Nowadays, people are shifting towards vaping as it is not as harmful as traditional smoking. At the initial stage, many people use tobacco vape juice as it has a similar taste to a cigarette. And when they get tired of this flavor, they can choose from a variety of low nicotine flavors.

2.    Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol increases the risk of high blood pressure. Individuals can witness an immediate spike in blood pressure right after alcohol consumption. It is essential to give up drinking habits to control high blood pressure effectively. Even moderate drinking habits can interrupt all your efforts. Even a DASH diet would not work well to generate desired results.

3.    Not Exercising Enough

Experts believe that for reduced health risk, a person should get himself involved in some kind of exercise. At least two and half hours of moderate exercise are essential to make all your eating efforts fruitful. If you are not exercising, then certainly you are at higher risk of developing hypertension. You can make a DASH diet more effective by adding a little exercise to your routine.

Health Benefits of DASH Diet

The DASH diet is most prominently used to keep blood pressure in control and avoid conditions of high blood pressure. However, it sets a person on a healthy diet pattern that brings other health benefits. Let us discuss some other health benefits of the DASH diet

1.    Effective for Osteoporosis

The condition in which bones become weak and brittle is osteoporosis. It is quite common in Americans, and it drastically affects bone mass and bone density. There is some proven evidence which indicates the effectiveness of the DASH diet against osteoporosis.

The DASH diet certainly improves this condition as it promotes the intake of a major bone nourishing nutrient, calcium. When on a DASH diet, a person makes sure to take more calcium through sources such as dairy products and other green leafy vegetables. Calcium improves bone density and makes bone stronger.

2.    Effective against Cancer

Any diet that is richer in vegetables is effective against cancer. As the DASH diet promotes the excessive use of vegetables, hence it has proven benefits in reducing risk factors of different kinds of cancer. Experts believe that vegetables are rich in antioxidants and other phytochemicals. Antioxidants protect cells from oxidative stress.

In addition, phytochemicals protect cells from harmful components present in the surroundings and food consumed. Generally, it is observed that body cells have a reduced risk of mutation with an increased intake of vegetables.

3.    Effective against Metabolic Disorder

Studies accept the effectiveness of the DASH diet against metabolic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cerebrovascular disease. All thanks to the reduced intake of red meat and unhealthy saturated fats, the DASH diet effectively helps to prevent the buildup of fatty plaque inside blood vessels.

With fatty plaque inside blood vessels, the flow of blood and blood circulation is greatly affected. This increases the risk of heart stroke, brain hemorrhage.

4.    Effective against Hyperuricemia

The DASH diet decreases the risk of developing conditions such as gout. The DASH diet also helps to stabilize uric acid levels. Since the diet discourages the excessive intake of red meat thus, it offers less purine to the body. More intakes of fruits provide a sufficient amount of Vitamin C. All these factors make the DASH diet highly effective against hyperuricemia.

5.    Effective against Obesity

The DASH diet promotes eating everything right, and this makes it effective against obesity and other weight problems. The DASH diet prevents a person from taking in more processed food, unsaturated fats, and excessive sugar consumption.

All these work well to help a person reduce weight. One can generate effective weight loss results by controlling the portion size of food. A habit of a regular exercise routine also helps to avoid obesity and maintain optimal body weight. Besides, it helps to maintain the right balance of nutrients through a diet rich in vegetables and fruits.

Take Away

The DASH diet has it all to help improve quality of life. The DASH diet sets you on a healthy eating pattern that is not just effective against hypertension. Rather it is also beneficial against other health problems. Thus in order to gain maximum benefits from the DASH diet, ensure it to be a part of your healthy lifestyle.



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