The Quintessential PBX Phone Installation Services


Have you ever dialed a number and select various numbers for the menu that they describe or choose a particular extension to reach a specific service you desire. If yes, then you have used a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telephone system.

A few decades back, traditional phones were used to manage communication in which calls use switchboards and transferred to the receiver. But since the business phone system took the market, PBX took a huge hype, and businesses started to opt for it for in-house communication needs.

Telecom in DFW web-hosted provides for PBX phone system installation services to companies and startups in Dallas to help them satisfy their telecommunication needs with low cost and affordable plans. They offer a complete package that covers installation, configuration, and proper maintenance of your telephone network afterward.

How does a PBX Phone System Works?

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a confidential telephone system that any business or company can hire for their business’s communication needs. People generally use this technology to manage communication with in-house employees and members as it provides better security and conversation within the system only.

A PBX system consists of a telephone trunk that has a certain number of telephone lines. These lines are connected to the PBX box only. It works with a computer system that manages all the call switching and forwarding done within the system only. A business can also use services like voicemails, automated attendants, fax, call forwarding, and many more as they all are part of PBX services.

Telecom in DFW- the provider of the best PBX phone system installation services in Dallas

If you are looking for PBX phone system installation services that only provide a compact installation and take care of your budget and other needs, you can rely on Telecom in DFW as your web-hosted provider. Telecom is a well-established name in the field of hosted PBX provides in Dallas and are providing phone installing services for the last eight years. They have a team of dedicated employees and skilled technicians who listen to you and your needs to ensure that whatever service you get is liked by you to ensure customer satisfaction. They get in touch with their customers in the minimum time whenever they need help and provides instant solutions to the problem.

Services offered by Telecom in DFW to business needs PBX services in Dallas:

  • Complete Programming
  • Free Consultation
  • Circuit Boards
  • User Guides
  • Training
  • Custom Designation Strips
  • Telephones
  • Voice Mails Systems
  • Call Records/ Accounting
  • Professional Installation

Ratings and Reviews of Telecom in DFW

Here are the reviews of the past few customers that opted for installation services by Telecom in DFW for their organizations in Dallas.

“We had an NEC phone system installation. The phones are great! We are very happy with the new change!” – Maggie M

“KK was very helpful in explaining to us what met our needs with our NEC phone installation, and Travis and Daniel were both awesome.” – Austin L

Additionally, they provide service, concurrently to ensure that our Phone system was working in time for a large recital.” – Lionel S

What makes Telecom in DFW – the first choice for PBX phone system installation services in Dallas

The thing that makes Telecom in DFW- a leading name in the best PBX phone system installation provider’s list is its past experience. They have provided installation services to more than a hundred companies using the PBX phone system and are managing their communicating needs every effectively and quickly. Their dedication and expertise have helped various companies achieve unremarkable targets by expanding their business by connecting to more people.

They provide installation and cabling services to companies, whether big or small, in Dallas and other parts of the U.S to help them expand their business with error-free installation.

Things that make Telecom in DFW- the best-Hosted PBX provider

  • Telecom in DFW provides 24/7 customer care support to their costumes which means you can contact them any time you face any problem. They offer off-site visits to your office whenever you need and provide an instant solution to maintain your workplace’s productivity.
  • Telecom is a company that consists of a team of highly-qualified engineers and a dedicated staff who works 24/7 to provide the best plans to the customers and help them achieve the desired targets.
  • They offer a wide range of installation plans with every budget-level so that any company, big or small, can utilize the PBX phone system’s benefits at their workplace.
  • If you want your package to be customized, then Telecom also gives its customers a chance to design their own plans according to their likes and dislikes at any required budget.
  • With the unique feature of Telecom’s online consultation service, you can ask for guidance or consultation over your business needs and take help over how to expand your business using PBX phone systems.
  • They are the only phone system installation provider that offers both online and offline support in which they will visit your workplace to make sure that your installation is done correctly.

PBX phone systems are considered the best and affordable ways to use in the multi-line phone system for business small in size or infrastructure to manage their integral communication and interactions with the high-tech set-up. Using the PBX phone system installation services by Telecom in DFW, you can also get expert assistance over your installation needs in Dallas.

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