The growth of the Kepler telescope is a success for anticipation

Kepler telescope

Considering the present state, one of the major challenge being faced worldwide is not unsatisfying politics, climatic alterations or disproportion of income, rather it is the rising pessimism. This sense of judging other people and highlighting the worst in them actually makes the global community leading to catastrophe. With this type of thinking in people’s mind, they are actually failing to make decision or plan for the betterment of the society and overall well-being.

How climatic variations can be resolved? How to be a part of politics and make state level decisions? Can you propose any economic idea for fixing the income inequality?

The answers to these questions lies in having the bigger perspective and positive approach towards the improvement of overall society. You can also take help from thesis writing services to get detailed understanding on each of the areas and with that information you can take adequate steps towards progress.

The picture taken by retired Kepler Telescope, which has been released by NASA few days ago is good reminder to what the community is going towards. The image is a motivation for human being to avoid the tendency of pessimism and distrust. The extra-ordinary speedy and modernized mindset of people makes them stuck in a scenario where they find it convenient to say “this is how it works”.

There come this NASA’s picture which reminds the world about how tiny planet “Earth” is and its high time that people should change their attitude and be as optimistic as they can. The photo envision how a particular situation can opt various differing paths.

Initially, the Kepler Telescope was designed to function for a period of three and a half years, but considering the probability of things not going well, NASA made sure it had sufficient operations for around 6 years. Unfortunately the spacecraft faced a decrements in its weight as the date approached. The team then refueled the spacecraft to make it functional for ten years. However, solar energy was used to power Kepler instruments rather than fuel which was only for course correction purpose. NASA used the gravitational pull of Sun for most of the flights.

If this complete scenario about spacecraft being operated for ten years by human beings, with Sun being a significant source of energy, would have been told to a pessimist in 1969, they would have denied from accepting this fact. Rather, they would have spread demotivation and negativity by saying that it is impossible.

Other than our solar system, Kepler have successfully discovered 2600 planets proving that there more spheres than stars in this galaxy. It takes many years for a scientist to gather the volumes of data he has collected in such a less time.

Undoubtedly, the study of space can reveal number of observation that are beyond a human’s imagination. From making us visualizing the impossible to working for the achievement of insurmountable, space has literally sparks wonders. Though a human mind is not able to achieve what he has planned as a goal, still the study has brought more than the imagination and expectation.

If you look closely in the final photo of Kepler, it seems that it has lot of pixels missing. The reason behind it could the damaging of camera multiple times during the journey. Though it is not as perfect, most of the scientist could not have imagined capturing a photo ten years ago.

In order to accept any challenge and start working on it, the foremost step should the optimism one must show to attain positive results From starting your own business to helping the needy, from saving the climatic changes to making state level decisions, optimism is the key to achieve success in long run.

To bring a spark and enthusiasm in yourself just like a young child would have in his/her actions, you must first try to focus on all the possibilities in positive manner. You may find some good thesis if you approach thesis writing services, regarding the inspirations and sparks one must possess in order to achieve the projected goal in your life. Hence Kepler’s retirement and last photo he sent to Earth is great example of optimism and how your targets can be achieved through positivist .

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