Will Technology Take Over The World? In 2021

technology take over the world

Flying cars, lightning speed travel, teleportation and living on the moon.

That’s what people back in the old ages used to think about the future (in which we are currently living). Although, we are not into that era of technology yet but have come so far already. We have a lot of things in our daily lives that people a few decades ago would’ve never dreamt of.

For example, you can ask someone from the late 1900s that they can get marketing dissertation writing service from anywhere in the world. They would laugh it off but here we are. Scrolling on flat screens all day long, living our lives completely digitalized.

Now the question comes, will the upcoming year be good for the technology or would it be a downfall? If you are wondering the same thing then you are on the right side of the internet. Hang on tight because this is going to be a fun ride.

The COVID-19 Pandemic – A Rise for Tech Industry?

2020 has been an unforgettable year, the world got turned upside down and we learned a lot of things. The world was at panic for a while but then we overcame it, the pandemic did a lot of good things for the tech industry. For instance, the launch of 5G was rushed for many useful purposes.

Remote Learning is the Future of Education

Just because educational institutions around the world shut down due to the pandemic, education did not stop. It showed how we have developed in terms of technology. Remote learning was incorporated by schools, colleges and universities around the world.

Most of the experts in the education industry would’ve deferred it a few years if they were asked to imply remote learning. The time and situation can easily change anyone’s opinion and that’s a fact. So relying on technology and programs like Zoom and Google Classrooms is going to become a habit with time.

After all, it’s convenient and easy-to-use, so who wouldn’t want it? We don’t see anyone in 2021 or even in later future opposing the use of remote learning.

Is 5G the Best We Can Do?

For this, we don’t have to go back in time. Just ask yourself, would you believe it if someone told you that you can get the internet speed of 20GBps? After all, getting the speed of 2Mbps was a huge deal back then but it’s not like that anymore.

We got introduced to the 5G technology in 2020 and it sped up a lot of things. From education to helping patients in hospitals. Internet is something that can’t ever be too-fast because a lot of tasks can be cut shorter that take a long time to complete.

The answer would be a simple no, although we don’t see 6G coming up anytime soon as 5G isn’t mainstream yet, we surely can expect even greater speed. How about 200GBps? Anything is possible.

Mechanical Birds in the Sky!

You’re living in the modern era, you must be familiar with drones.  Drones became popular for taking aerial shots and photography purposes but then some geniuses decided to turn them into unpaid labors. Cruel, but useful.

You might know that Amazon has been delivering small orders in certain areas through drones. The demand for contactless delivery has risen so is the use of delivery drones. We can see that drones and other robots could become independent in a short time with the integration of AI.  There won’t be any need for an operator so the drones or other robots would just do their tasks once they’re told to do so.

A bit odd but we will get used to it eventually.

So, What to Expect from the Future?

That’s a question that only a time traveler can answer. As far as our knowledge and predictions go, we can safely assume and look forward to seeing a lot of improvement in the technological sector in 2021. Every day discovering we’re something brand new so chances are that 2021 will be a great year for technological advancement but we should be ready for the gifts 2022 might have for us!


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