Social Media and Networking Platforms You Do Not Know Existed

Social Media and Networking Platforms You Do Not Know Existed

The concept of being socially active online is mandatory for everyone in the present time. That is because almost everything, from work operations to routine tasks, is now shifting towards the online realm and social media sites are a huge part of it.

If people from all over the world want to connect and collaborate then they would need to gather on a sole platform and that is exactly what social media and networking sites provide you with.

The need for personalization and global communication has increased and countless apps and websites exist to cater to this need. Some prominent names are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but these are not the only existing platforms. These advancements in social apps led to the incorporation of react native application developmentinto apps like Facebook and Instagram. However, some unknown yet useful apps exist that many people do not know of.

Here are some social media apps and sites you would have never heard of.


Just as WhatsApp is an instant messaging platform, Telegram follows a somewhat similar concept. However, the Telegram currently supports over eight languages so you can say the app has reached out to a global audience. While WhatsApp encrypts the messages you send to others as well as the messages you receive, Telegram also has this option. So, if you happen to be looking for a substitute for WhatsApp, you know what app to choose.

Baidu Tieba

For those who want a social network solely dedicated to the Chinese languages, Baidu Tieba can be your utmost choice. This app is known as Postbar on an international level but it has a different version for the native Chinese speakers. This provides them with a community that they can easily communicate and collaborate in. It is more of a forum-based network as compared to the existing popular social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook.


By knowing your location, Foursquare can provide you with places to visit based on where you are currently located. You cannot deem it a full-fledged social networking platform but it is still a useful means of getting in touch with friends to visit new places. Whether you are looking for nearby restaurants or amusement parks for your environment, this app can suggest you almost anything near you.


It would be a worthy mention to add Skyrock, a French social media site to this list. Not many people worldwide are aware of this site since it is made for those who reside in France but it certainly does contain a language option for English and five more languages that are different.


The aforementioned sites are meant for socializing and networking purposes but Xing is a bit different. The features and options it offers are somewhat similar to LinkedIn but its user-base has not reached a global scale. It is widely operated in Switzerland and Germany so with a local scope, it is a befitting option if you are running a localized business.


Countless apps exist that are very much similar to WhatsApp but not all of these apps become popular. WeChat is a China-based messaging and networking app developed by Tencent and it has given a competitive to WhatsApp. Not many apps are able to take over the user-base of an app that is already well established but WeChat made such a notion possible.


You could call it an AI-based social media platform but it contains intelligent features that suggest you content that befits your preferences. You can easily discover unique content from StumbleUpon and also get recommendations from it, in turn. Whether you are looking to read content or watch videos, StumbleUpon has a diverse range of different categories.


While the rest of the platforms we have mentioned do not have a specific domain but ReverbNation does. As its name shows, this social networking platform connects new and professional musicians at one place. If music were your passion, using ReverbNation you would be able to create a presence for yourself and in turn, gain attention from renowned musicians or music labels. 

The Dots

The Dots is another addition to social networking sites that are made for online collaboration and association between people of every region. However, the platform has been solely designed for creative experts and enthusiasts who can share their views and work on a platform dedicated to them.


A socializing site made for travelers and lifestyle enthusiasts, Wayn can be used if you want to head out on your next trip. You can get in touch with people having the same interests and get your queries sorted out on a single platform. With the option to share and upload media, you can even share your experience and media on Wayn.

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