Is SEO Better Than Google Ads

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Seo refers to Search Engine Optimization techniques that make the website appear higher on searches and helps in gaining visibility in the eyes of the audience. It includes various methods like rich content, appropriate links, and an excellent responsive website. There are many SEO companies that provide their services for the SEO ranking of websites.

On the other hand, Google ads refer to the PPC (pay per click) ads that appear on the relevant searches made by the users. They also start appearing on other contents of the user. It is said that google ads or PPC ads connect a larger audience online. Google itself provides these ads at a fixed price for businesses to grow.

SEO rankings and google ads are not connected with each other and work on different paths.

Why Are Google Ads Better Than SEO?

There are several ways in which google ads or pay-per-click ads are better than SEO techniques. Some of them are listed below:

  • It is beneficial for businesses and companies who cannot update their website or SEO frequently for promotions, sales, etc. Such firms can put up a google ad for which they will pay when a person or potential customer clicks on it or contacts the business. In this way, the company grows as its audience widens. Businesses can also make changes to their ads and limit it to certain areas or a specific deal.
  • In SEO, businesses have to wait to appear higher on people’s searches using several techniques. Whereas by using google ads, they can promote their businesses on relevant websites, where the chance of getting seen by potential customers is higher. They can choose specific sites or the type of people they want to reach. 
  • It is because of the flexibility of Google ads that it can grab people’s attention in a concise amount of time due to the uniqueness of the business. It is not that you reach out to the company; due to google ads, the business reaches out to you. 
  • Although SEO is a traditional way of getting the business online, it takes some time to get on track. On the other hand, google ads give more immediate results and let you connect to your customers irrespective of the size of your business. 


Today, people search online for different food or hotel recommendations, reviews, etc. Google ads don’t help in making the website appear higher on search results. That can only be done with proper SEO techniques such as using appropriate reference links, good content, easy-to-use websites, fast-loading pages, etc., provided by the SEO companies. But these fall short when compared to the reach of google ads. For bringing traffic to the website, it is best to use both google ads and SEO, which enhances the business and will surely get success. SEO being the traditional and best way of being found online at the top of searches and google ads, are making the business reach the target audience faster. 


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