How to write the Most Eye-Catching Product Descriptions for Amazon

Product description for amazon

You’re scrolling on Amazon, and suddenly you see a flashlight on sale…

A flashlight seems interesting.

You check the same flashlight but by two different sellers, both are the same in price but their descriptions are different…

Hmmm… let’s read them.

Product description

After reading the first one, you’d feel like you never wanted a flashlight even if you’re sitting in a cave becauseof how badly the product is described.

But wait, did you read the second one?

Even if you’re sitting in your well-lit room, you considered the thought of buying a flashlight,just in case you need it.

Why is that so?

A well-written product can easily convince anyone to buy anything. With some tricks and tips that we are about to tell you, you can learn how to write the most eye-catching amazon product description.

Product description amazon

Understand Your Customers!

The easiest way to sell anything is by understanding the buyer’s psyche.

What does the buyer want?

Should be the first question in your mind when you sit down to write your product description.

Understand what your buyer is looking for and what does buyer expect from your product. You can do surveys and have polls on social media applications and webs. For example, if you are providing cover letter writing services then you should know that your buyers are going to be students only.

When you know your target audience, you can post questionnaires on relevant social media groups and ask the potential buyers what are their demands and regarding your services or products.

Don’t Sell a Product, Sell a Solution!

Does the buyer want a flashlight that has one bulb and is made in Beijing? Or does the buyer want a bright flashlight that is portable and is very durable and lasts long?

Probably, the customer would go for the second option in most cases because it says how it solves their problem.  When you write the description for your product on Amazon, make sure to keep the targeted audience in mind, tell them why your product is the solution to all of their problems. Tell them how your product is going to make their life easier.

When you mention the benefits of the product instead of its features, the product automatically attracts the audience and convinces them that it’s the product that they have always been looking for even though they didn’t even think about it ever before.

Less Words, More Details

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer, scroll through a number of products and read their descriptions and then analyze the reasons why you would buy a product and why you wouldn’t buy it.

One of the most common things would be the length of the product description. It doesn’t matter how good it is written, no one has time to read 500 words about a flashlight. People want quick and easy to read descriptions with enough of the information.

Only mention what you think the buyer needs to know and what would attract a buyer. Keep these things in mind and your product is going to sell like hotcakes!

Make Your Product Description Easy to Scan.

What’s that? Scan? What are we talking about?

Relax, nobody is going to print and scan your product details unless maybe they want to do it for some reason.

Easy to scan product descriptions means that keeping the paragraphs at an optimal length, dividing the product descriptions into multiple parts such as

  • Paragraphs
  • Pointers
  • Headings with context
  • Catchphrase

When you have all of these things in your product description, your product description will look very easy to scan. If someone wants quick information about the product, the buyer will just jump on the pointers part and get all info. If someone wants information with full context but in short text, the buyer would just go and read the headings and the subheadings.

Catchphrases are a good way to get attention quickly, if you write something creative and it’s like a relatable term to the buyer, the buyer will remember your product for a long while.

Everyone Likes Creative Things

In the detailed description section, would you rather read stale and boring headings like “Sizes of Product” or would you read some cool and creative headings like “Sizes for Everyone”?

The majority of people would read the product description with curiosity if it’s written creatively, chances are if your product description is amazingly written, some people might even share it with their friends saying “look at this amazing description”.

Ask for Reviews and Help

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. Everyone has their talents and it’s okay if you don’t know how to write product descriptions, you can just hire a professional from a product description writing service online or ask any friend or anyone you know with the skills who can help you write eye-catching product descriptions.

If you have written a product description already, you should ask anyone who you think falls under the target audience bracket and have their reviews and ask them if they would buy the product after reading the description.


With these tips, you can easily write an engaging description but be careful about your stock. It could run out pretty quick!

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