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Smart tools and devices have been slowly incorporated into our lives in the past decade. There are different versions and forms of these tools. From a smartphone, watches, tablets, laptops to smart vehicles smart homes, and much more there has been an increase in the list of smart tools in the life of a human. Although these smart gadgets are making the smart human a little fool with all the dependence. This is the harsh reality which we all have to face. So there is no going back but we all can find ways to conquer this technological war and make sure that we all don’t get dragged by the flow. In order to minimize the effects of these cool inventions, there has been the introduction of tools like monitoring software tools and spy apps that can help the human to keep an eye on the digital activities of the target person. The target person can be a teenager, an employee, the elder of the house, the girl/boyfriend, etc.

Among the monitoring software, one of the best is the TheOneSpy app. The spy app offers tablet, laptop, and smartphone spyware that can help the user to monitor all the major and minor digital activities. Users can even install the spy app for personal device management like detecting stolen or accidental loss of the device or use the web portal of the spy app as a data backup source etc. The data shifting is made easy with the TheOneSpy as the web portal allows us to save a  complete clone of the dataset. Thus a change of device or any kind of data shifting can be made easy with monitoring software.

Track Stolen Phone:

Use the android spy app for personal use and install it on the device Thus in case of any stolen device or accidental loss or theft, TheOneSpy will help the user to track the device with ease.

Know About The Target Movements :

The app offers a location tracking feature for the user to track the real-time location of the target person. So know about the exact pinpoint location of your teenager or employee(the delivery guys or the drivers) by using the location tracking feature of the spy app. Users can even mark a virtual safe and restricted zone on google maps for the target person. So know about the hideouts of the teenagers and get reported about the real-time movements of your teenagers, elders, and employees with the location tracking feature of the spy app.

Keep An Eye On The Social Media Activities:

Social Media is commonly used by every age group for official and unofficial purposes. With the social media monitoring feature, users can know about all the activities of the newsfeed of the target person with few clicks. Users have remote access to the chatbox, voice book section as well. So monitor the social media activities of the teenagers and make sure they do not share too much personal information with strangers. Track any stalker, obsessed fan, or bully in your teenager friends or follower list and makes sure you make the digital online world a safe place for them. The social media monitoring feature includes a FaceBook screen recorder. WhatsApp screen recorder, Line screen recorder, Viber screen recorder,  Instagram screen recorder, Skype screen recorder, Snapchat Screen recorder, and many more.

Monitor the Netflix Recommendations:

Keep an eye on the websites and online activities of the target person with track the internet history feature of TheOneSpy. You can even block certain malicious sites as well with web-filtering features. Thus make sure your teenager does not use the internet for any malicious act.

The spy app offers separate  Mac and Windows versions for the user. Thus try the Mac or Windows spy app version of the TheOneSpy  app for tracking the laptop, or tablet activities of the target person. Use the employee monitoring product feature or parental control feature to keep an eye on the employee’s official work activities inside or outside the workplace or monitor the teenager’s life and digital activities. This feature helps the user to take better care of the kids and teenagers and help them to assure their well-being and safety.

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