How to root an Android phone to monitor the activities?

How to root an Android phone to monitor the activities

Rooting of android you can say to unlock the OS of the target device in order to use the unapproved apps by the android play store. Moreover, rooting of android device means, remove unnecessary bloatware, updating the operating system, replace the firmware, overclock or underclock the processor of the android device, customizing anything and others alike. Seemingly, it is a very scary process for an ordinary person.

Rooting on your smartphone could be a disaster, one bad move can put your device at stake and there will be more likely you can break your device. However, these days there is a method that really empowers the end user to get the job done with a single move and it’s free and it really works with all android devices.

Root android device with KingoRoot   

There are a few steps that you need to perform in order to root an android device with KingoRoot given in the following.

Step1: Download & Install KingoRoot for windows

All you need to do is to install KingoRoot for windows, and you need to make it sure you leave unchecked the option of “Install Yahoo powered Chromium browser” and in addition, tap on a decline to prevent any other issue.

Step2: Enable USB debugging mode on your phone

It empowers you to USB debugging mode on your cell phone. In –case, your Android is running with 4.0 or 4.1, and just makes a tap on the settings, developer options, and finally, you need to tick the box for the sake of “USB debugging”.

However, it is possible that you also need to switch “developer’s options”. In addition, when it comes to Android 4.2, make a tap on settings, Developers Options, about the phone, and last but not the least makes a click on USB debugging.” Now make a tap “OK” in order approve the setting change. You need to tap on the settings particularly on Android 4.3, About phone, and further you need to scroll down a little bit to build number.

Moreover, it is the time to tap it seven times, I mean the point you see the message, “You are now not less than a developer!” Once you have done it all likewise, tap Settings, About Phone, Developers Options, and tap on USB Debugging. “Now all that you need to do is to tap OK to approve the settings change.

Step3: Run Android Root on your PC

Simply the third and very crucial step that you need to take is to run android Root on your computer and further connect your cell phone through USB sync cable. Later on, the former will be able to show a connection.

In addition, the screen of your device will show you “Allow USB debugging” in the shape of a pop –up. You need to Tick with this particular computer, and you need to tap OK.

Step4: Click Root & then sit back

Now you need to make a tap on click and then sit back and you have to wait until unless utility does its things. After some time, my android device would get 70% and also once again phone rebooted.

 That’s all you need to do it, and further if you want to reverse all the method, you need to run android Root again, make a connection of your device and then you need to make a tap on removing the Root.

After rooting you need to install android monitoring software

When you have done with the android rooting process, go and visit the web and further and you need to visit the official websites of the OgyMogy android spy software. Then you need to get subscription online and you will get the passcode and ID.

Now you need to have physical access on the target device and get started with the installation process and when you have done with it you need to activate it on the target device. Moreover, use the credentials and get access to an online control panel where you can find plenty of tools to monitor rooted android device to the fullest.

 Now you can use multiple tools to monitor text messages on android, record and listen to the cell phone calls in real –time, get IM’s logs, track emails, track GPS location, perform screen recording of the android and last but not the least you can remotely control android cell phone.


You can root an android cell phone with the KingoRoot method and further install  OgyMogymonitoring app for Android to track a target device to the fullest.

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