How to Learn to Type Faster Together

Type faster

Whoever you work with, fast typing skills will always come in handy. Increase your typing speed to increase your productivity. You can practice on your own or attend courses, but you need to practice every day to succeed.

Choose a comfortable keyboard

They come in many forms, including ergonomic models for more comfortable work. If you’re typing slowly on your current keyboard, try using ergonomic models to choose the most comfortable option. Consider the size of the keyboard. The larger the keys, the easier it is to type. Perhaps you should take a closer look at such models, in which frequently used keys such as letters and a number pad are larger than the rest. A keyboard with concave keys that follow the shape of your fingers will be a good choice for people who want to reduce errors at high typing speeds. It is best to choose a model with a tangible tactile response of the keys to clearly distinguish each press. Besides, with sufficient rigidity of the keys, the problem of random touches will be solved, so that you can type faster.

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Get used to the keyboard

Usually, a standard layout is used, but sometimes differences and additional functions are possible. Read the keyboard instruction or manual to understand the functions and the purpose of the hotkeys. After that, try to visualize the keyboard layout to not look at it while typing. Keyboards are often equipped with hotkeys to quickly access common commands or keyboard shortcuts. HD UK Such features significantly increase typing speed.

Type regularly

As with other skills, the only way to significantly increase typing speed is through regular practice. The more you type, the better you remember the keyboard layout and the correct position of the fingers. Also, when typing common keyboard shortcuts, you develop muscle memory that helps you type faster and do so more accurately.

One of the best practices is to type the same passages of text over and over. So, on the Internet, you can find lots of texts that will help increase accuracy and speed. When practicing skills, focus on accuracy first. Type each word correctly with spaces and punctuation. When you become good at accuracy, start working on speed. For practice, it is not necessary to type only test texts. Write emails to friends and relatives, post on forums to hone your typing skills.

Rest regularly

The amount of practice affects typing speed, but also remember to take breaks. If you get carried away too much, then there is a risk of exhausting yourself or feeling pain (carpal tunnel syndrome). If there is a feeling of discomfort in the hands or wrists, then it’s time to relax a bit. Schedule your typing practice with a clear amount of time for each day so you don’t get overworked. Do not forget to plan breaks in the schedule. For example, you can practice 30 minutes a day, with breaks every 10 minutes.

Look at the screen

An instinct can make you look at your keyboard while typing. When you look at the keys, typing speed slows down and the risk of typos increases. Try to look at the screen to type blindly. At first, the number of errors may slightly increase, but soon you will remember the layout and position of the keys, which will increase typing speed. When you learn to type blindly, try to cover your hands with a napkin, a sheet of paper or cardboard, so as not to see the keys. It is advisable to look at the screen as much as possible, but it is quite normal to glance at the keys sometimes to confirm the mental image of the keyboard layout.

Online tests to check typing speed

If you want to know your typing efficiency, you can evaluate your skills using online tests. Most often, you will be required to type a certain passage of text, after which the system will evaluate the number of words per minute and the accuracy of typing. Such programs allow you to monitor your progress if you are trying to increase the speed of typing.

Games and programs for typing

Try to type blindly to type quickly. There are special programs that help develop this skill. Usually, they offer useful exercises and fun games that make the process fun and less monotonous. In addition to paid programs, you can find free alternatives like Rapid Typing Tutor. If you already have basic typing skills, use free games to increase your typing speed. A simple search on the Internet allows you to find many options to choose from. Playing is always more interesting than typing the same passages of text, so it will be easier for you to train regularly.


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