Depression And Sex – How Being Depressed Affected My Sex Life?

Depression And Sex

We all have our down times. However, it’s more difficult for those like us who suffer from an ongoing illness, specifically depression. Depression can impact all things in your daily life which includes your food habits, sleep patterns digestion, self-esteem, and even your sex-related drive. Sexuality and depression are two areas you don’t wish to be connected.

The week of “#NotSoShy I’ll talk about how my times of suffering from depression (Major Depressive Disorder) caused a rift in my sexual life. What I learned.

The Sad Link between Depression and Sex

The main reason you are depression is the weight of sadness is on you. The constant emotional sludge affects your sexual desire quite severely. To understand the relationship between these two things one must understand the distinction between depressed and being sad.

Depression vs. Sadness


Depression is a mental condition that could or might not lead to an illness of the type. The feeling of sadness is simply an emotion felt in everyday the course of.

Depression can manifest itself in physical manifestations such as nausea, fever and headaches, as well as tremors and headaches.


The persistent feeling of sadness is a sign that depression.

The feeling of sadness is experienced during times of stress and is relied upon through tears, venting and many other activities.

Everyone has busy schedules with deadlines to meet and grueling traffic jams to get through meeting to attend and so on. If, at the end the day, you have time to enjoy some time with your loved one and you are able to relax, the stress will disappear. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for those with depression.

Brains are the most sensitive sexual organ, regardless of whether you believe in it or not. The brain processes arousal and then respond to it. However, if you’re depressed, the brain does not exert as much effort. Here’s how.

Depression and Sex Desire

The human brain contains specific chemicals that can understand sexual stimulation. These are called neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters in your brain function by increasing blood flow to your organs for sexual stimulation at the time of sexual stimulation. This is the way your brain switches you on.

However, in depression the brain cells that manage neurotransmitters don’t function as well. And so your libido drops down.

When I was diagnosed with MDD two years ago, discovered I had MDD as well as an illness called PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) I thought that my inability to be sad is my responsibility. The relationship I had with my partner was strained greatly due to the fact that I was unable to comprehend the relationship between depression and sex. It could be because, as Indians don’t associate the brain’s function as a sexual organ (except calling ourselves sapiosexuals).

When you or your spouse are experiencing similar issues within a closed environment Depression could be a reason. An absence of interest may be a sign of something more serious – depression or another mood disorder.

Sexual Problems and Depression

The process of getting in the mood could be difficult if you’re experiencing. It is not possible to be enthusiastic when you are suffering from an illness that causes fever. In the same way, depression can slow the sex drive. However, like me, many people do not be aware of what’s happening. Here are some issues you might encounter in the case above:

  • You can’t have sex
  • You suffer from Erectile dysfunction (in males)
  • Your sexual desires have been significantly reduced
  • It is impossible to reach an orgasm.

Drugs for Depression and Sex

You know the signs of depression. If you look back at your sexual life, you’ll see that depression is a part of it, too. There is drugs like Cenforce 150 and Cenforce 200 available in market to treat ED.

So far, we have discovered that the brain is the primary organ to receive messages about sexual excitement. And it’s clear that if the brain isn’t functioning well and your sexual life is not as good, you will be liable for the consequence. But that’s not all.

Image This: You’ve received a diagnosis of liver cancer. The thought of sexual activity isn’t the first thing on your mind. What you must do, first is visit an accredited doctor and treat the condition. Also, if you suffer from depression, attempt to get it treated first.

However, here’s the side of the story: Depression is chronic that is to say, it will not disappear in just a few weeks. It can require months or even years (as in my instance) to begin showing signs of improvement. When you’re receiving treatment with depression treatment, you will not need to stop completely your sexual life. Medical management is the answer.

It is important to address depression first. The doctor may prescribe antidepressants to assist you in dealing with all symptoms. They aid in repairing the brain’s chemistry. While these medicines are efficient in uplifting the mood an individual, they do have a number of negative undesirable side negative effects. One is a decreased sexual drive.

The brain nerves of the brain are affected by antidepressants which are responsible for triggering sexual desire.

What is the Solution?

You know that anti-depressants don’t help in enhancing libido. This is a sad fact. However, there are steps that you can follow to enjoy an enjoyable sexual experience regardless of depression.

Here are tried and tested strategies for getting through the effects of sexual and depressive disorders:

If you’re in the slightest of moods or want to have sexual relations

The more you have sex, the greater chance it is to increase the amount of libido you have.

Talk with your partner

Your spouse may not be able to comprehend the loss of your attraction. They could confuse your inability to become intimate with your partner as a sign of infidelity. If anything does go wrong, talk with your spouse. Discuss the details above and provide them a fair answer. Engaging in a thorough discussion about these delicate issues could be a good way to bring you closer together and strengthen your bond. Check here for more medicines : Cenforce 100 , CenforcePills

Get help for your condition.

If you are treating for depression your doctor will most likely recommend CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) or any other form of therapy, based on the severity of your illness. The therapy sessions focus on removing the negative thoughts that are forming within your brain. These discussions, in conjunction with the correct medication will assist you.

The Takeaway

The reality is that anxiety and sexuality are inextricably linked. Therefore, to treat one condition you must take care of the second. Be aware that you shouldn’t stop the treatment for depression only for to improve your sexual life. If you make this decision in the wrong way, could be detrimental.

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