Guns Used As Weapons or Protection

weapons or protection

Some people like to shoot guns for hunting, some like to shoot them for recreation. Whatever the reason, when using guns, there are steps you need to take to be safe, whether shooting or storing them. The first basic rule is to never assume your gun is not loaded. No matter what, always check to make sure there is no ammunition in the gun. Another big rule is to remember that the safety (which is to prevent the gun from firing) of the gun is a mechanical device and can fail. Always point the gun in a safe direction (which is away from people, etc.). Horseplay should be avoided at all times when handling a gun. For storage, always make sure the gun is unloaded and locked in a location that is inaccessible to children.

For added protection, there are different types of storage and/or locks for Gun for sale . The first is a lock box. It is a small metal case that is used for handguns. An advantage of this case is that there is quick access if the lock is push button. A disadvantage is that it costs more than a trigger or cable lock. The average price is anywhere from $40 to $200+. Second, a gun vault or safe comes in a variety of sizes to fit all types of guns. Some advantages are that it is difficult to steal, allows for numerous guns of different sizes, there is storage for other items and valuables, and they are usually fire safe. Some disadvantages are that it costs more than cable locks or lock boxes and they are also heavy and difficult to move. The price range is anywhere from $100 to $2000. The cable lock is a cable that is inserted into the chamber and locked (like a bike lock) to prevent a shell from being fired. Advantages are that the long cables are able to thread through several guns and they are inexpensive. Disadvantages are that the cable is thin and can be easily cut. Price ranges from free to $20+. Next the trigger lock is a two piece rigid cylinder that fits behind the trigger so it cannot move. A combination opens this lock. Advantages are that it is inexpensive, they are widely available, and there is quick access to the gun. Some disadvantages are that they may break easily and may not prevent theft because the locks can be removed later.

Gun safety is a subject that has been a main topic in the past few years among many, especially within politics. It is something that has become a substantial topic in the past few years due to many shootings and accidents that have occurred with today’s youth. It is a topic that needs to be addressed. Gun safety is very important in the matters of teaching people that firearms are not a toy. One should always treat the gun like it is loaded. Too many people choose to play around with guns by swinging them around, tossing them to people, or aiming the gun at other people and pretending to shoot them. These are signs that people are much too immature and should not be handling a firearm.


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