Fitbit Inspire – A new Fitness Tracker Just for Employees


What is your approach towards fitness? Which training and health tracking system, according to you, is best to make you fit? Since every individual has different approach towards being fit, Fitbit has come up with a variety of products that are designed in a way to suit your budget, meet your goals and most importantly help you being fit and healthy.


The wide range of Fitbit products are expanding it growth and the company is able to bring forward advanced latest editions in market rapidly. Fitbit CEO, James Park, stated in one of his interviews with CNBC that there are 6.8 million users on wellness programs including health plan providers and employees. He also mentioned that Fitbit cover 42 Medicare advantage plans in 27 US states In addition to working with famous health insurance firms like United Health.

Fitbit recently launched its newest fitness tracker called Inspire that is exclusively available for health plan providers, Fitbit corporate employees and wellness groups. The new activity and health tracker, available as wearable wrist band, offers   activities like sleep tracking, calories burned and other features discussed later in this post.

The new Inspire model comes with an option of a clip connection which is available separately from the wearable itself. Having up to 5 days of battery life, this new gadget is swim proof and have number of useful specifications that a person would require in his journey to being fit.

In case you have ever approached assignment help UK regarding health and safety assignments, you might have got some valuable information about various advantages of being fit and strong. Since the main focus of Fitbit’s Inspire is to promote healthiness and fitness, they believe that the tracker serves as an incentive for health plan providers to encourage health and fitness among their customers.

This wearable features a plastic outer body with silicon bands and an OLED display with a function button on its side. Thought the price of this tracker is not mentioned, it is the cheapest device among all Fitbit devices yet.

Let us take a closer look in some more Inspires features and specifications:

Features of Fitbit’s new Tracker – Inspire

  • Activity and Sleep tracking: Fitbit Inspire has been designed to track you activity and sleep routine. With the help of tracking hourly activities, you can set daily activity goals even manage your exercise routine automatically. For all the students out there who are unable to manage their assignments and quizzes preparation on time, this wristband will be of good use. In case you take assistance from any assignment help UK, it serves as good activity monitoring to remind these assignment writing services. As far as sleep tracking is concerned, Fitbit Inspire help set a bedtime reminder and study about your sleep habits. 
  • Heart Rate: In addition to serve as sleep and activity tracker, Fitbit offers the heart rate monitoring as well. A person will be well-informed about the heart rate and take necessary actions in case of any problem.
  • Calories Burned: Are you worried about the calories you have gained by violating your diet? One of the essential factor to be considered for fitness tracking is the number of calories you have burnt. In case you have taken some junk food in your meal, you can work hard to have those calories burnt with the help of this amazing Fitbit Tracker.
  • Text, Calls and Calendar notification: You can set up notification, manage and see incoming text, calls or other notification and even mark events in your calendar. In case you have an assignment to submit in your college, all you have to do is mark a calendar notification in the tracker and completely rely on assignment help UK to provide you with your task on time.

With the arrival of this efficient activity tracker, Inspire, it seems that these health trackers have an amazing bright future if they continue to expand and target health plan industries. Furthermore, to attract more and more customers towards this wearable, employees and insurers can add some gift incentives with these trackers.

Apple has recently announced a new application called Attain, for iOs and Apple Watch, which is specifically designed for Aetna member. Like Inspire, Attain also encourage healthy behaviors like tracking sleeping and eating habits. Through these health trackers, both Fitbit and Apple aims to bring down the health-care cost for employers and insurers. The devices can be obtained through wellness programs in workplace or earned free of charge with the help of presenting healthy behavior.

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