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To all technology and science fans who were craving for a good piece of information about recent updates in the tech world: don’t bother asking Google. It’s way easier to follow the news when they are not scattered popping on the web but well-chosen and piled together in its most palatable form. The compilation of latest tech news 4promedia.com thoroughly selected is here to quench your thirst and make your day.

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1 NDTV Reports Assumptions About Honor 10X

The upcoming product of Huawei and Honor collaboration will presumably be the cheapest 5G gadget. The price of the new mobile phone will be of the same range as its precursor Honor 9X that was released in July last year. The presumed price of less than $150 is meant to help to adopt 5G technologies as new smartphones will be very affordable.

The fifth generation of mobile communication was already introduced in several previous technical products, but the latest gadget is meant to be the cheapest. Today, the current price of the most low-costing smartphone model is over $300.

At any rate, this is just a provisional data that should not be taken at its face value as there is no information leakage around the upcoming product yet.

2 Apple Music app will be available on smart TV

Apart from being a mobile and computer app, Apple Music is getting available on the Samsung smart TV platform. The recent models starting from 2018 will present the full access to the Apple Music content, including playlists and videos.

4promedia.com notes that it’s the first time when Apple offers its music content to the smart TV platform. It appears to be the latest development of the partnership between companies.

3 Google commits its advertisers to verify their identities

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The policy which earlier extended only to political advertising is now becoming urgent for all advertisers who need to verify their origin countries and identities. Such measures are taken to control the spread of false information about the pandemic, fake businesses, and scams that some websites may contain. Identity disclosure will start from the US to gradually spread across the globe. The point is to give users a broader image of advertisers to make balanced decisions while reacting to adds.

Before launching an advertising campaign, businesses and other advertisers need to provide information that proves their identity. In the case of not meeting the requirements, their adds will no longer be available. In general, companies are given one month to complete the process of verification. The highest priority, in this case, belongs to the health care and gambling business.

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