I’m coming to talk about crystals do’s and don’t. I’ll give you four things that you should not do and three things that you should always do with your crystals.


The first thing that you should never do with your crystals is sleep with jewelry. Especially if you are sensitive to energy it is not suggested that you do that also you want to remember that if you’re doing dream work or if you need help with going to sleep then you can use the crystals for sleep but just to sleep with them just because I would not suggest it why because crystals is energy crystals and their energy that they give off will cause your body to continue to be in a working state, so when you wake up you won’t feel rested.

so think about it,you may have slept with your crystal bracelet, which I buy Umisoul, crystals under your pillow or something like that and you woke up and still tired that’s because the energy from the crystals continued to allow your body to work, it still flows rather than you sleeping and resting, the energy from the crystals is having your body still work on the level.

when you should be resting if you need to like recall dreams or you need help falling asleep of course you could put the crystals maybe under your pillow or above your headboard or something but if you’re finding yourself not getting restful take off the crystal jewelry and put it aside.

The second thing you should never do with crystals is put certain crystals in water so certain crystals should never go into water, but if you put it in water it will dissolve same thing with selenite it would dissolve not all crystals would dissolve like amethyst rose quartz wouldn’t dissolve but certain crystals like this one blue kyanite selenite and some other ones to name on will dissolve in water.

The third thing you don’t want to do is put water put crystals in your drinking water so a

lot of people charge their water with crystals and charge it with the full moon and things like that which is fun but I always suggest make a barrier so if you are wanting to charge some water with amethyst put maybe the water in maybe a mason jar and sit the amethyst around it and on top of it the reason why is because some crystals contain

iron some crystals contain other chemicals that is not really great for you to digest also some crystals are treated with different chemicals on the outside of them also certain chemicals and chemical combustion happen in the mind so you want to be safe um rather than sorry and not put the crystals directly in your drinking water also I know that they have these like crystal bottles water bottles and things that’s fine but if the crystal is exposed and actually touching your water I would not suggest to drink it or get those crystal bottles because those chemicals from that treated crystal is now being in your water but they have some crystal water bottles where the crystals are at the bottom and there’s like a glass covering it and your water is around it that’s fine so to be on the safe side I would not suggest putting your crystals directly inside your drink of water

The fourth thing I wouldn’t suggest is leaving your crystals out in the Sun for a long period of time if you ever had an amethyst and is not quite purple how it used to be it’s probably because you left it out maybe in your windowsill or out in the Sun for too long so if you leave your crystals out the charge from the full moon or new moon or even get it

cleansed and charged with the Sun don’t leave it out so long it will fade the crystals that does not mean that your crystals are fake or that they’re not real it just happens your century will become lighter your amethyst will become lighter your rose quartz will come

become lighter smoky quartz make it lighter it changes and fades the crystals so kee that in mind and then

The last thing I will suggest that you don’t do what your crystals is allow people to borrow them don’t be bad people haul your Christmas don’t do it don’t do it unless I guess there’s like exceptions to the rule like you may give it to your daughter or your sons a whole but I would suggest getting your daughter your son their own collection even your spouse give them their own collection I would not suggest um giving people you Christmas like oh my friends going through some heartache I’m gonna let them hold my rose question unica mm I treat my crystals like I treat my books knobbly treat my Christmas little Melissa trigger but I don’t let people borrow my books I don’t I don’t do it I

would just buy them their own coffee I won’t let them borrow my books crystals I’m not letting you borrow my wife and I we share our crystal collection but there are certain crystals of mine that she can’t touch and even if I saw her use of crystal I will cleanse it very well our energy is pretty much aligned so that’s the exception to the rule but

I’m not letting my little sister my cousin my uncle my auntie my homeboy nobody I’m not letting them hold my Christmas get them they all set because what you got to remember is yes crystals have a certain energy a certain frequency a certain vibration but understand that they absorb energy so whoever or whatever they’re around it absorbs that energy yes you could cleanse it I’m not saying you can’t close it you can cleanse it however you always want to be mindful of the energy it absorbs right so if it absorbs their

energy why would you want to take it back it hold it and try to cleanse it yeah you could cleanse it but it’s like it’s already dirty just keep it don’t worry about it right so those are the domes the thing that you should not do with your crystals

What you Should Always do it your Crystals

There’s one you should always cleanse them and then I care if they came from your best friend who got the best intentions in the whole world for you I don’t care they came from your mama who your mama been practicing with crystals for years and she want to give

you so I don’t care if it comes from your favorite spiritual shop hints hints tofu vibe cleanse it okay just cleanse it cleanse it with sage promise I’m told that lavender sweet grass cleanse it with some rolls cleanse it was some sort of herbs some incense something cleansing get rid of whatever energy was set forward and get rid of energy that have come in contact with it yes soulful vibes we good over here and we all have vibes but guess what we still human not only that yes I can charge them yes I can put my own little special juju on the crystals but in transit to you they come in contact with post office workers all the time and I have rarely ever saw happy post office workers I digress

however you want to convince it that’s why – 

You always want to set your intention with your crystals set your intention hold it alright look I got some black tourmaline blue cry at night and with this day I need its emphasis to help me with calming my anxiety so once I cleanse it I’m gonna cleanse it and i’m a hold it and I’m saying I know you’re really good and means this business debt but specifically I want to use you to help cleanse dia besides excuse it but um I want to use you to help help me ease and deal with my anxiety better right something like that set your intentions for and the

The last thing that you should always do it your crystals it’s keep them with you or around you for example if you are going out but your day and you got your little purse puts them in your purse I always have a little stack in my purse full of crystals put some in your pocket or if you don’t carry purses you in our pockets okay you’re at work put the crystals around your work this wherever you are there should be some

crystals right I have crystals in a bathroom bathroom over here in my living room

I have crystals in my purse keep them with you so that you can maximize the

energy that comes from them.

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