ConnectPal and Other Platforms to Grow Your Social Media Audience

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Brands, companies and individuals use social media platforms every day to connect with their audiences, market their product or service and raise awareness. With an engaged following on one or more social platforms, you can effectively spread your message, whatever it may be, to online audiences.
Reaching your audience through social media is certainly effective in many ways; however, your total number of social media followers is not the best indicator of success. That’s because you can have thousands of followers who never even read your posts or click your links. The key to building an online community is making sure your followers will actively engage in your content and share it on their own networks.
Here are some simple strategies to implement if you are looking to grow your social media audience.

Share videos

According to statistics, video marketing is best for driving more views, engagement and response than any other posting option, so if you can, create at least some form of video content to maximize engagement and gain followers. For example, tweets with video see 10x more engagement than those without.
A good rule of thumb when uploading video – make sure to upload directly to the social platform instead of an outside website like YouTube. That way, your video will automatically play as people scroll through their feeds.
If you’ve already earned an audience through a blog, social media channel, or another online outlet, you may want to grow that audience in a new and effective way. That’s where ConnectPal can be useful. ConnectPal is a content platform where subscribers pay to access your content, blog or your video. ConnectPal can help you supplement your outreach on “traditional” social media channels like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. The platform can also be used as a stand-alone tool for building an audience and monetizing it from the get-go.
Simple to use, anycan one set up a ConnectPal page and set a price so followers can see what’s on your ConnectPal page – without having to build the standard infrastructure for a subscription business.

Use Hashtags #

Another way to increase your social media audience is by using hashtags strategically. Search for popular hashtags that are relevant to your audience and content and participate in relevant trending topics and current events. If the topic is something that you think would be of interest to your followers, share a post with the relevant hashtag.
For example, on Thursday you could use the trending hashtag #ThrowbackThursday to share a story with your followers. Users searching for that particular hashtag may come across your post and check you out.

Tag Users

Encourage your followers to tag you on specific posts. This effective strategy should only be used sparingly or where it makes sense to avoid looking ‘spammy.’ For example, if you post a video about Valentine’s Day, encourage your online community to tag friends who mean a lot to them. Ideally, tagging users will invite new people to join your online social media followers.
Remember, post updates frequently and make sure the content is meaningful. Be sure to share information that will cultivate a deeper relationship along the way.
By implementing some of these tactics, a well thought out and strategic social media plan can be a great way for brands, organizations and individuals to connect with customers and expand their reach and audience. Try them to start building your social media following today.

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