Cloud Vs Shared Hosting | How to Choose

cloud vs shared hosting

The discussion of Cloud vs. shared brings three things in common – websites, servers, and web hosting providers. Shared hosting can promise several benefits for hosting but lacks in competition against cloud hosting. If you’re eager to find which one will suit you best, keep reading!

Difference Between Cloud Hosting And Shared Hosting 

The main difference between Cloud hosting vs. shared hosting is that the latter have servers that take a load of various websites. On the other hand, cloud hosting enables users to host their websites on multiple servers. The benefit of going with cloud services vs. shared hosting is the effective management of traffic spikes and related issues.

Learning About Shared Hosting

Shared services host several different websites together on the server and distribute their resources among them. The resources include databases, storage, bandwidth, and more. Shared hosting needs the presence of a dedicated web server that a web hosting provider gives.

The best thing about shared hosting is that it’s cheap and very easy to use as compared to other hosting plans. However, if your website receives a lot of traffic, it’s not a good idea to go with shared hosting.

What Is Cloud Hosting?

With Cloud hosting, your website is hosted on multiple servers rather than a single provider. If any problem occurs, it’s possible to migrate your site to another server.

Cloud hosting is promised top-class speed and swift performance. The data bytes that are needed to access your website is distributed over multiple servers allowing the users to view your content from several locations instead of a single server promising boosted speeds. This means your customers can enjoy the benefits of high speed and better performance.

Do you want to know something even better than Cloud hosting? Read the next section.

Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed hosting is a superior form of cloud hosting. Along with reaping the benefits of cloud hosting, customers can also avail the services of system administrators and other IT experts that can help operate your services. The main difference between cloud hosting vs managed hosting is the level of available support and resources.

Shared Hosting Or Cloud Hosting: The Differences


Shared Hosting

The security relies on the applications and databases that make it more prone to attacks by hackers. This is because it the hacker is able to get into a single shared hosting server, accessing other websites becomes very easy. Once a website is compromised, most hackers leave traces to regain access.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting security manages arising security issues using various methods. The four major controls behind the architecture of Cloud hosting security include:

  • Preventative controls
  • Deterrent controls
  • Corrective controls
  • Detective controls

Moreover, cloud hosting services have encrypted algorithms to provide extra protection to data and privacy.

The best one?

This is simply because the control is in the hands of the user in terms of security. If any issue arises, it’s possible to migrate the website to a secure server.


Shared Hosting

Even with various servers, you cannot expect much speed with shared hosting.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting provides high speed and an auto customizable platform. If the website receives high traffic, there’s no impact on the performance of the site.


Cloud hosting – having a lot more resources available to users provides them the option to perform at their best.


Shared Hosting

The servers the always full, and you may not get the desired speed.

Cloud Hosting

All the resources are at your service. Use them in the way you want.


All the resources are with you so you can achieve maximum performance and speed.

Cloud Hosting Vs Shared Hosting: Which Is Best?

Shared hosting is better than Cloud hosting in terms of pricing and bonuses.

Cloud hosting is best for uptime, security, performance, speed, and uptime.



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