Choose the Best Blogging Website for Your Marketing in 2021

To make you feel comfortable sharing your blogging with the universe, we have got you amazing platforms for free blog websites? We’ve assembled the top awesome pages where you can begin a blog easily, whether you only want to post posts with your relatives and buddies or you wish to begin a blog and create a wider audience.

We will also try to guide you to the unique site that is right for you so that you can establish a free blog comfortably.


The emperor of free posting sites is The platform is a free website, but afterward, you need to create the web usually by yourself. You must host the program yourself as well. Although you can consider some hosting services for WordPress, paying a modest sum for a good WordPress host is a stronger long-term approach.

You have complete command of how the platform looks and works, including how you generate income off your site when you’re running the WordPress app all on your own.  But the downside is that it could be a bit trickier with the configuration process.


Weebly is yet another website creator that you could use to market products or display your profile, not just for blogging. To the point that it stocks a WYSIWYG editor with drag-and-drop components, it is very identical to Wix. You can easily move it onto the website and modify it if you wish to attach a certain icon. For photo galleries, presentations, and every other aspect of interaction, the same occurs.

Sidebars, press boxes, shapes, ad areas, social media links, subscription to updates, and several more are supported by Weebly. In addition, the application comes with advanced analytics and allows you to choose your own unique domain.

  1. WIX.COM

Wix is an available, front-end web platform that can be handled entirely. The main feature of this channel is that it arises with choices for dragging, so you don’t have to deal with something in the back-end part. The layout, which could be used by all beginners and experts’ people, is very straightforward and contemporary.

The brilliant thing regarding Wix is that it includes free sponsoring, so you just have to organize the layouts, choose a framework, and you’re all lined. For multiple uses, like blogging, it offers a pleasant range of free and supreme styles and models.


Medium is a multifunctional platform that addresses various subjects where it is possible to blog to anybody with a consideration. The major benefit of Medium, besides most other web publishing web pages, is that your publications will be subjected to a broad audience because of 60 million viewers per month access the channel (and the number rises every year).

It’s super easy to operate; you just login up and begin writing. The drawback, however, is that all your information will be on the medium. Such that, you’re not genuinely building your own “room” with WordPress the way you would.


Blogger is among the oldest free blogging sites, although in recent times its viewership has sunk. For individual blogs, it is a stable phase, but it’s not really the main asset for skilled use. It operates just like several other hosted channels in order to operate it, you first have to set up an account. You must pick one of the reset themes again when you generate it which is straightforward) and you can actually write down your ideas. This framework has a Google+ profile-like functionality and the publisher looks like that of a Word page.

Blogger offers a range of narratives to pick from, each with numerous skins, advanced colour filtering, and distinct modernist gadgets (aka widgets). (Aka widgets). But really nothing flashy or any sophisticated personalization of designs. In particular, Blogger has easy options for looks, so the emphasis stays primarily on the composing component. A nice part of this website is that it arrives with advertising areas that you could place inside your pieces of content.


One of the current free posting sites on the internet is Tumblr. It’s only a little bit harsher than the ones on the chart. This one is increasingly targeted to digital or communication” content, besides the majority of the sites that are more designed for publishing reasons. Tumblr’s app is more pleasant and simpler to get going with-you could easily sign up and eventually, you can start writing.

It offers various post types for various kinds of posts, much like a standard blogging site. The thing about Tumblr is that if you possess business-purpose aspirations, it is strictly for private use and wouldn’t provide a perfect solution. It is simple, provides easy customization choices and consists more of a social networking feel.


With the complete list of these blogging websites, we have learned so far that for a marketer and a blogger it is must to have a blogging platform of his own.

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