Best WordPress Plugins for Starting a Real-Estate Blog

best wordpress plugins

Setting up an excellent real estate webpage can be an arduous task, from making sure that it looks professional to make sure that all of the information is up to date and well-curated. Thankfully, we have a list of plugins that will make sure that your website’s foundation is sturdy as can be. And while none of these plugins is too flashy, they are the best at what they do. And once you get all of the groundwork done, we suggest you give a few other plugins a try and make your site your own. Without further ado, we present the Best WordPress plugins for starting a real-estate blog.




The WordPress Reset plugin is a great plugin for keeping your real estate website or blog clean from any malware or obsolete programs and plugin bloat. Also, it provides you with the ability to use snapshots, which work like an autosave feature, and an emergency recovery script that will keep your site safe when setting up new plugins and tools goes wrong. Besides that, the plugin comes with additional features that will help you maintain and further develop your web pages and blogs. With this plugin, you can create collections of your favorite plugins and tools or just the ones you use most often so that you can quickly reinstall them in case of a reset. Because of these collections, you will have access to a more rapid and more efficient installation process on any of your new or old real estate blogs or websites. This plugin has three pricing plan options to choose from. They are currently going for about half their standard price, so grab them while they are still on sale. You can choose between the Agency, Team, and Personal plan. Each of them brings you different benefits, but in our opinion, the best one is the Agency plan as it provides you with all the features and 100 site licenses.



With this easy to use Coming Soon page plugin, you will be able to launch a coming soon page that will tell your visitors and customers that your real estate page is still in the process of being built. While you are working on your real estate web page or blog, this plugin will provide you with an excellent maintenance mode that will hide the work you are doing in the background. When visitors come to your website, they will be greeted with a sharp-looking layout and pages filled with high-resolution images. By creating a great looking front end, you can inform everyone that your website will be the real deal. This will quickly raise expectations and traffic. Also, this plugin can help you with SEO and spreading a newsletter before launching for real. This plugin provides you with three pricing plans to choose from, Pro Lifetime, Agency Lifetime, and Pro Yearly. With Pro Yearly for $39, you can try this plugin to see if it suits you, but you will be a little limited when it comes to additional features. That is why we once again recommend the Agency Lifetime plan, which will surely be the best option for you. With it, you will also get the License Manager and White-Label mode. And since it is a lifetime plan, you can pay for it once and forget about spending any more money on it.

  • 301 REDIRECT

To efficiently transferring traffic from one site to another, you should seek the help of a plugin named WP 301 Redirects. Besides that, it is excellent if you have old data or broken links on your website. With this plugin, you can easily redirect your visitors and customers to your real estate pages or links to those pages that are working. This is especially handy while you are working on a new website or while doing maintenance on your current one. Sometimes links or pages can become broken, or they are maybe not valid for some reason. Thankfully, WP 301 Redirect automatically detects that and sends users to a designated page. Also, by using this plugin when changing websites, you will be retaining your SEO. On their official web page, you can find three pricing plans named Agency, Team, and Personal. With The team plan, you will get all the plugin’s features, a License & Sites Manager, and five site licenses that you can use however you see fit. But for $149, you will get additional features, such as a White label Mode, Remote Site Stats, Rebranding, Priority Support, and many others.


If you are looking for elements that will follow your visitors and customers while they are browsing your site, then WP Sticky is for you. This plugin is one of those plugins that will help you achieve an approachable and professional look on your real estate web page and or blog. The visual picker feature will allow you to create or convert existing elements into sticky ones. Elements such as a logo, sticky menu, widget, navigational bar, or even discounts are great examples of how to use the sticky elements to their full effect. In addition, adding such features improves your conversions and gives your better accessibility to essential buttons that will continuously track customers and visitors. This plugin has three pricing plans, Single, Team, and Agency. The Agency pricing plan for $99 provides you with all available features and benefits, such as Visual Elements Picker, White Label Mode, 100 sites license, and many more. But the best thing about it is that it is a one-time payment, so there will not be a need to keep up with annoying subscriptions.


While setting up properties in order to sell them, you will want to showcase their location. By doing so, your visitors and customers can easily find their desired destination, home, office, or properties that they might be seeking. Because of that, you will surely like Google Maps Widget PRO. This plugin will help you efficiently set up a location for all your properties. With a few clicks, you can add an accurate map to your web page, simple as that. There are also three pricing plans named Pro Unlimited Agency, Pro Personal Lifetime, and Pro Personal. The best choice that they offer is the Pro Personal Lifetime if you have one real estate web page or blog. For $39, you get lifetime upgrades, priority support, and current and future features that can be used on one site.


After reading this article, you can start experimenting, setting up, or fixing your real estate website. It is up to you to try out the listed plugins and see which ones you like the most. Still, we would highly encourage you to check out all of them as they all offer excellent tools that will help you in one way or another.

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