Automotive Repairs Tasks That Can be Easily Done at Home


Are you paying thousands for just a small repair at an automotive repair center? There are a few repairs that you can easily do at home with just the help of a few tools. You only have to follow a few simple steps. Repair your car by yourself and boast around proudly.

Replacing the windshields wipers:

Get the first wiper and pull it away from the glass.
Find the small tab underside the wiper blades.
Press the tab and slide the old rubber blade from the wiper arm.
Place the new wiper blade placing the open end of the hook facing the clip of the wiper.
Lower the windshield.
Repeat the above steps for the other wiper too.

Replacing the flat battery:

A flat battery occurs when your car does not start on inserting the key. The battery comes to an end of its life. Replace it with these simple steps
If your battery terminals and cables are dirty, clean them.
Batteries are held down by a rod.
Unlatch the rod.
Make the nut loose that holds the negative terminal to the battery and remove the cables.
Remove all the other cables and then remove the old battery.
Replace it with the new one.
Reconnect all the cables.

Replace the blown fuse:

You can have a blown fuse if your radio stops working or the lights suddenly turn off. A spare fuse box is always provided with the car. Check the car manual to know where the fuse box is located. In most of the vehicles, you will find it on the driver’s side under the dash or in the glove box. Replace the old fuse with the new one.

Replace the auto globes:

Replacing the reversing light globe or a blown brake are the most accessible jobs that you can do at your home with the help of simple tools. Globes are inexpensive to buy and do not take too long to replace. Refer the car manuals to see where to locate the globes and the size of the globes to get as replacements. Most headlights are replaced under the hoods and tail-lights from the trunk. Globes have a pull tab that has a removable cover. Secure the covers after replacing the globes.

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