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Top 10 Anilinkz alternatives

Are you an Otako (extremely interested in Anime and Manga) then you must have watched dozens of popular series of anilinkz and read thousands of Manga?

There has been numbers of anime lovers scattered all over the world. According to college essay writing service their research shows more than 10M people worldwide search for ‘anime’ and topics related to anime every month. As per social media sites are concern, Instagram shows there are 58 Million Hashtags related to Anime. It means almost 50M to 100M Otako fans are located all over the place according to Tech Linkz.

Anime are not cartoons!

Anime are not probably the cartoons you normally watch on TV but they are considered a cultural phenomenon in Japan. The fans consider this an offensive statement ‘anime are exactly like cartoon characters’ you better not call it a cartoon! Therefore, it comprise of different types which are for adults and children.Let’s just not focus on offensive remarks, meanwhile you scan the most popular anime series that has blown your minds way and made you truly addictive.

Top most searched anime and manga for Anime lovers

  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Fruit basket
  • Ouran High school host club
  • Death Note
  • Hell Girl
  • ReLife

What major concerns Otako has…

You must have witness, finding relevant sites for watching your favorite Anime are difficult and so frustrating sometimes. The last resort for watching those anime is paying for specific sites. That might not be appropriate for many. So, there are alternative methods which can drag you to the world full of Anime and Manga characters scattered the entire place.

There are times where you find a website as per your preference however; it displays distractive advertisements which ruin the mood of millions of lovers instantly. What is the better alternative?

Renowned Video Sharing Portal-Anilinkz

If you are searching for best site to watch Anime then immediate answer is Anilinkz. Who is not familiar with this website, probably every other Anime lover has seen, watched and still rely on this authentic video sharing site.  Taking about Anilinkz website it has shown significant popular growth as mostly recommended and preferred site of all times. This is due to the fact that, it does not charge a single penny. Frankly speaking, it is best at its place that has hundreds and thousands of anime content of different genre just for you.

Unfortunately, there is a bad news for Anime fans the site is working perfectly fine however; the main issue is its irritating advertisements popping up during an anime series. Since then fans are searching for Anilinkz alternative as this site has moved to and been mismanagement by their designers and developers.

Let’s dive in the list of alternative sites that surely makes you happy and rely every time you watch your favourite series.

Top 10 Anilinkz alternatives to be bookmarked in 2019


If you find ads irritating and disturbing then this is a chance to save this site for future purpose. This authoritative site has full length of anime, movies and episode of every series you search for. The best part is there is no need to pay or create an account and miss out your previous hours in vain. Just click on the website and your way to go for streaming videos and shows you desire.


The famous sites for watching your best shows as your sofa can get warm because of your sitting position. Your night can get sleepless and exciting at the same time. The whole bunch of anime with 10,000 various episodes and series of all genresare waiting for your click. Though you might encounter ads and pop ups that may distract you but don’t worry it is still free to watch.


The video streaming can no longer be slow or buffing as kissanime has high quality videos that have 360, 480 and 1080 HD format. Now watching shows, dramas and movies and anime are easier and smarter. The anilinkz alternative can surely find popular series and evergreen shows through navigation or list given on homepage. The fans can also read comments and reviews of each related anime you might have to watch.


If you want latest updates of which anime are trendy and on-going anime series with in one platform. The high quality video streaming plus every piece of manga, anime and Asian dramas can be found in Chia-anime. This cute name has so much more to give their fans, your favourite anime sound tracks, series of alphabet in ascending can be selected easily without any scrolling. And most importantly English subs and dubs without holding a translating machine in your hands.


Are you finding an anime series or anime movie but what genre you desire to see, adventures, romantic, horror or comedy. These all and more can be found in where whichever type of content you want can easily be searched. By opening the homepage you may find most popular series and latest shows in 2019. It has similar design and features like anilinkz that shows it is a good anilinkz alternative.


An American company that is particular in dubbing the foreign entertainment content most probably anime. The renowned website is trending for its quality and content displayed of every level and age to subscribe. The most important point that can go negatively is making account and free for only 10 days then you can easily watch aimlessly without any disturbance.


Good news for Australia and New Zealand Otako, there is a site in your region for easily available anime online. Thousands of episodes in one website with free anime that is fast tracked with hit series all over from Japan to download and with quicker server as it speed. If you are from different region you can drop your email in the search bar and they will send you a notification whether it is available in your region or not.


Viewers who want to watch online anime series or finding complete episodes with in one website then crunchroll is just for you. With almost 20,000 episodes of each anime plus live actions titles and Korean dramas that is free without any subscription charges. Now your nights can be exciting as always along with dark circles covering your eyes which led to complete your anime series mission successful.


The simple graphic used for viewers understanding and easily access your favorite anime series online without any hurdle. This is more reliable source than anlinkz, which goes hand in hand with new updates and without any troubles. So, what are you waiting for, just click on the bookmark button and there you go relief with future dramas and movies whenever you feel like watching.


This site is very helpful platform for viewers who are craziest and passionate about anime need something useful that goes along in the future. Well, here it is anime-planet where all your favorite featured series with 45000 legally displayed episodes are watched each day. We can say this site is much better than anilinkz site.  If you want to know which anime is rating high than there is a separate section for reviews forums and whole community where Otako interact and communicate with each other.

A quick insight for Manga lovers

There is a community or fan base for such die heart lovers who read Manga. We will not go into details on which they are and what these Manga are. However, we might want to help those people too who are having difficulties in finding specific sites for Manga.

So, here it is,

Top best Manga site to look for


Final verdict

Now here we will wrap our article with there are many websites to watchcartoononline alternatives although it is somehow tricky to find the relevant ones. The list given above might not be suitable for half of the audience. However, it is your choice and preferences on which is better performing than others. It surely is a tough job to find alternative for anilinkz still we manage to complete our mission on top 10 sites that goes perfectly with anilinkz. So, leave us a comment on which site goes better for anime series online to watch.












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