5 Interview Questions Every Kubernetes Job Candidate Should Know


Kubernetes is also known for System for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerised application. The progress of work is done very quickly as it is the fastest method to solve the problems or errors. It configures all the problems rapidly and makes some of the changes so that the user will move forward to new code and programs. In case anything will be wrong then kubernetes will get back everything to the user. There is no need to solve the application errors as it is an unfamiliar service discovery mechanism. Kubernetes gives Pods their own IP addresses and a set of DNS which assures that there is different types of Pods which can handle all the issues and make balance of it. kubernetes automatically choose the storage system of choice whether from the local storage like a public cloud provider such as GCP or AWS or any of network storage system like NFS, ISCSI, Gluster or flocker. It deploys and updates all the secrets and application settings without the involvement of management or the user. This places a different kind of sacrificing availability. It analysis the different kind of errors which helps to solve all the facts which cannot be easily solved. Some of the important Kubernetes interview questions are in the following:

Questions and Answers

1) What is the difference between a Kubernetes node and a pod?

Ans: The question represents that the complexity of kubernetes. These both are the important elements of the Kuberenetes. A node is a working machine in the kubernetes. This machine can be virtual machine (VM) or any physical machine depending on whether they are running perfectly or any simple metal. The node contains services to run containers, which includes the kubelet, kube-proxy and the container runtime.  A pod includes one or more containers with the recently storage and the specification on how to run the container altogether. All the above details are very much important. For bonus points it can also mention that it is more suitable than the Pod is the smallest deployed unit Kubernetes can be create and it can be manage not through any of the container.

The node is the worker and the pod is the things in the specific container which are in the distinction matters. It is dependent on the user how it deploys the code and how the results comes out of it. The work of the computer is to set up the codes to employ all the sets. Some users also tries to get all the nodes over and the less of bunch of pods.

2) What is Kubectl?

Ans:  It is not be very much helpful to the interview question but it sometimes appear very much in the following ways. In different organisation they give importance to different sectors like in some of the organisation they give priority to the new ones and some of them gives priority graphical presentation. Kubernetes helps to manage the graphical ones also as they head everything and they doesn’t requires to do something extra. Kubectl is a command-line interface which is used in the kubernetes. In kubectl user can gets the log back to the new upcoming logs also. It also allows to edit the new deployment and revealing the secrets to handle new things. It is always helpful to get the pop in a random question round in an interview.

3) What is a namespace?

Ans: It is one of the most important question which is asked on the frequent basis and the candidate can answer it with the technical ideas. As it is called a namespace it refers to a virtual cluster in a pod of Kubernetes. It is an abstraction which enables to keep several virtual clusters in different categories for the isolation purpose.

4) What is a container?

Ans: It always helps the user to get the pod in the perfect manner. Pod is a place where the user deploys his ideas or any new codes and get the best results from it. A container is a standard unit in which a software which packs the code and it depends on the other factors also to get the things in the proper manner. It is an application which runs in a limited operating system technical environment.

5) What is Kubernetes?

Ans: Kubernetes is a portable container in which it does lots of tasks which are very much important and it can be done only through it. The tools are like managing, monitoring the activities, scaling the work and deploying the other jobs in different container. Kubernetes are being used in the large organisation to handle their projects.

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