3 Types of HR Solutions Every Business Needs


HR solutions have significantly transformed over the years, from using traditional means to get by the day to day challenges, to streamlining every HR process with automation technology. Even then, some businesses do not believe they need dedicated software for their human resource department.

This thought process mainly stems from the pseudo belief of such software and tools being too complex and costly for their business, which isn’t the case at all, since these tools have evolved enough to offer a user-friendly interface and save overall cost for the company.

Since every business is different, each one of them has different requirements. Hence investing in an HR solution that targets the challenges these businesses face, is the right way to go about it. In this article, we share three different HR solutions; each one focused on resolving different challenges.

Benefits Focused Solutions

The first category of human resource solutions deals with all the benefits being offered within the organization. This includes compensation, benefits, the pay of the employees and so on. Here is a brief explanation:

Payroll Management

One of the primary reasons for employee dissatisfaction usually has to deal with the pay they receive each month. Sure, it is a common belief among organizations that an employee shouldn’t be in the job ‘just for the money’, but it still plays a vital role in how they perceive their jobs. 

A payroll management software allows the HR department to automate the process, which not only reduces the burden on the HR, but it also eliminates the chances of delays, errors and mistakes when processing payroll.

Employee Benefits Management

These solutions allow the HR managers to track and manage all the employee benefits being offered within the organization. These benefits include things such as insurance, leaves, paid time-offs and so on. The two major advantages of having a solution with such capabilities include the ability to manage all the benefits from a single platform and the ability to integrate with other HR modules.


The third type of solution focuses on the compensation being offered to the employee. With such a tool, managers can easily track and automate compensation processing of employees, including the bonuses and incentives an employee is entitled to. This solution can also help with planning the salary of employees.

Recruitment Focused Solutions

The next significant type of human resource solutions deals with the recruitment aspect of a business. This includes tasks, such as finding ideal candidates, posting job listings and so on.

Applicant Tracking System

An application tracking system allows the HR department to streamline the recruitment process of their company. Everything can be automated, for example, finding the right platforms where the ideal candidate would be present, automatic job listings and screening candidate applications and so on.

Applicant tracking systems will help improve the HR department’s productivity, as it reduces the need to do repetitive tasks. With enough time on their hands, they’ll be able to work on building meaningful strategies, essential for the business.

Job Boards

These types of solutions are mainly focused on posting and tracking job applications on various job boards. You can either post on the popular job boards for recruiting candidates or create your own job board to post vacancies. It’s a handy tool for businesses who continuously need to look for candidates.

Performance-Focused Solutions

Last but not least, performance-focused solutions deal with the performance aspect of employees.

Performance Reviews

Performance management software allows HR managers to appraise employees based on their overall performance and achievements. The tool offers a single platform to track and manage employee reviews. Managers can also build learning and development programs to improve employee skills and keep up with the competition.

Continuous Feedback

Organizing employee performance reviews at least once a year is not an ideal solution to properly evaluate employees, as it often leaves no room to identify the factor that leads to a change in their performance. With continuous feedback, managers have better clarity about employee performance, and it’s much easier to pinpoint the challenges and issues.

Rewards and Recognition

It is crucial to recognize the hard work and efforts of your employees on a regular basis. Unappreciated employees often have low motivation and will eventually find other opportunities. An HR software with a rewards and recognition program helps managers recognize employee efforts and helps keep the workplace motivated and engaged.

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